Re: [sig-policy] New proposal prop-120: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan

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    • Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:10:02 +0000
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    • Thread-topic: [sig-policy] New proposal prop-120: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan
        APNIC Secretariat is reviewing the policy proposals under discussion and seeks clarification to better understand the intention of prop-120-v001: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan.
        APNIC remains neutral and objective about the outcome of this discussion and only requires clarification to ensure correct implementation should the proposal reach consensus.
        - After exhaustion, will initial resource requests from new Members be filled before unmet requests from Members already on the waiting list prior to exhaustion? Or will this priority only apply to requests submitted after the exhaustion date?
        We appreciate your clarification.
        Adam Gosling
        Senior Internet Policy Analyst, APNIC
        e: adam at apnic dot net
        p: +61 7 3858 3142
        m: +61 421 456 243
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        On 9/8/17, 16:17, "sig-policy-bounces at lists dot apnic dot net on behalf of chku" <sig-policy-bounces at lists dot apnic dot net on behalf of chku at twnic dot net dot tw> wrote:
            Dear SIG members
            The proposal "prop-120: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan" has been sent 
            to the Policy SIG for review.
            It will be presented at the Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 44 which will 
            be held in Taichung, Taiwan on Wednesday and Thursday, 14 & 15 September 
            We invite you to review and comment on the proposal on the mailing list
            before the meeting.
            The comment period on the mailing list before an APNIC meeting is an
            important part of the policy development process. We encourage you to
            express your views on the proposal:
              - Do you support or oppose this proposal?
              - Do you see any disadvantages in this proposal?
              - Is there anything in the proposal that is not clear?
              - What changes could be made to this proposal to make it more
            Information about this proposal is available at:
            Sumon, Bertrand, Ching-Heng
            APNIC Policy SIG Chairs
            prop-120-v001: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan
            Proposer:       Tomohiro Fujisaki
                            fujisaki at syce dot net
            1. Problem statement
            APNIC makes IPv4 address delegation from two IPv4 pools. These are the
            103/8 (Final /8) pool and the non-103/8 IPv4 Recovered pool.
            Currently, there are no IPv4 addresses in the non-103/8 IPv4 Recovered
            pool and APNIC manages a Recovered Pool Waiting List for approved
            requests. And, based on the Geoff's projection (*1), the 103/8 (Final
            /8) pool will be exhausted in a few years.
            It will be necessary to make a guidance about how to manage the IPv4
            delegation after both IPv4 pools exhaustion.
            2. Objective of policy change
            To provide a guidance for 103/8 pool exhaustion.
            3. Situation in other regions
            4. Proposed policy solution
            Guidance for 103/8 pool exhaustion:
              - The first time an approved request cannot be fulfilled from the 103/8 
                pool, Final /8 delegations will end.
              - APNIC will begin to manage only one (Recovered) IPv4 pool containing 
                any residual 103/8 space and all future returns, including 103/8 returns.
              - Each new account holder can receive up to a /21 from the IPv4
                Recovered pool.
              - Existing account holders who have not yet received the maximum /21
                from the two pools may continue to apply for space from the Recovered
                pool until they have received a maximum /21 from the two pools.
              - A waiting list will be created if approved requests cannot be 
                fulfilled. Each new account holder will be given priority in the
                waiting list.
            5. Advantages / Disadvantages
              - Possible to avoid confusion at 103/8 address pool exhaustion date
            6. Impact on resource holders
            No impact to resource holders.
            7. References
            1. IPv4 Address Report
            Sig-policy-chair mailing list
            Sig-policy-chair at apnic dot net