[Wg-apnic-fees] prop-040-v001: Proposal for APNIC annual service fee

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  • Subject: [Wg-apnic-fees] prop-040-v001: Proposal for APNIC annual service fee
  • From: Save Vocea <save at apnic dot net>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 17:11:55 +1000
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    • Dear members of the APNIC community
      The proposal "Proposal for APNIC annual service fee" is being sent to
      this list for comment. It will be presented at the APNIC Member Meeting
      at APNIC 22 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 4-8 September 2006. You are invited
      to review and comment on the proposal on this mailing list before
      the meeting.
      The proposal's history can be found at:
      Savenaca Vocea                          email:           save at apnic dot net
      Policy Development Manager, APNIC       sip:        save at voip dot apnic dot net
      http://www.apnic.net                    phone:          +61 7 3858 3100
      Welcome to APNIC 22!
      Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 4-8 September 2006     http://www.apnic.net/meetings
      prop-040-v001: Proposal for APNIC annual service fee
      Author:    APNIC Secretariat
                 <secretariat at apnic dot net>
      Version:   1
      Date:      7 August 2006
      Service fees charged to non-member account holders by the APNIC
      Secretariat are inconsistent and have become problematic to
      This policy proposal introduces more consistent and manageable service
      fees for non-member account holders of APNIC.
      Note that this proposal has no impact on APNIC members, who receive
      services according to the APNIC Membership fee schedule.
      Summary of the current problem
      The non-member services affected include AS Number, IP address, DNS
      reverse delegation, and historical resource maintenance services.
      1. ASN maintenance
         The non-member maintenance fee for ASN delegations is US$50 per year
         for each ASN. For historical resources however, any number of ASN
         delegations is included under a single maintainer, at a cost of
         US$100 per year.
      2. IP address assignment
         There is a non-member service for IP address assignment, but it is
         not well known and is rarely used. In addition, it bears no
         resemblance to the membership fee structure and is, therefore,
         difficult to explain and administer.
      3. DNS reverse delegation
         APNIC offers DNS reverse delegation services to non-members, but the
         current fee structure is illogical and has never been applied.
      4. Historical resource maintenance
      Since 2003, a non-member maintenance fee for historical resources has
         been in place, charged at the rate of US$100 per year, regardless of
         the number of resources being maintained.
      APNIC Secretariat staff often spend a lot of time dealing with
      non-member account holders explaining the fee differences. Collection of
      fees can take longer to chase up and there are insufficient penalties to
      deter fee defaulters.
      Situation in other RIRs
      ARIN provides a full range of services to both ARIN subscriber
      (non-member) accounts and to ARIN members. The same fee structure is
      used in either case, so there is no risk of confusion of inconsistency
      in fees.
      AfriNIC, LACNIC, and RIPE NCC provide services only to member
      organisations whose membership status is up to date. Non-member services
      are not provided.
      The following revisions are proposed to the current non-member service
      and fee schedule.
      1. Account maintenance
         Non-member account holders of APNIC will be charged a service fee of
         US$50 per year to maintain an APNIC account, irrespective of their
         resource holding.
         This service fee will provide access to MyAPNIC for maintaining
      account and related information and will allow resource objects to be
         maintained within the whois database.
         The account maintenance fee will be waived for those settling their
         account by credit card payment.
      2. ASN maintenance
         Non-member account holders will be charged US$50 per year for each
         ASN held (whether historical or current).
         The non-member AS Number assignment service will still be available
         at the existing fee of US$500 per ASN.
      3. IP address maintenance
         Non-member IP address holders will be charged $50 per year for each
         historical assignment held.  Current IP address holdings will
         continue to be charged at existing rates.
         New assignments/allocations of IP addresses to non-members will not
         be available.
      4. Service revocation
         Revocation of resources for non-payment of service fees
         - APNIC will revoke and reclaim resources from non-member account
           holders who do not pay their annual service fees by the due date.
         - APNIC will transfer these recovered resources into the free pool
           after 12 months of non-payment from the due date.
         - Non-member account holders may request the return of revoked
           resources, within 90 days from the due date, subject to a US$100
           reversal fee and full payment of all outstanding fees. No returns
           will be possible after this time and rights to existing resources
           will be lost.
      Fee summary
          |  Fee types           |  Historical   |  APNIC resources  |
          |                      |  resources(*) |                   |
          |  Per ASN fee         |        US$50  |            US$50  |
          |                      |               |                   |
          |  Per IPv4 assignment |        US$50  |        US$819.20  |
          |                      |               |                   |
          |  Account maintenance |        US$50  |            US$50  |
      (*) Historical resources are those which were originally allocated by
      other registries, such as Internet, and AUNIC.
          This proposal introduces fair and consistent charging for APNIC for
          services rendered to non-member account holders. It removes
          inconsistencies from the current schedule and will reduce customer
          confusion, which in turn will reduce APNIC secretariat workload.
          In a few cases, organisations cannot sign an APNIC membership
          agreement, due to their own constraints (for instance, some
          Government organisations are prohibited from entering membership
          agreements of any kind).  To address this case, a new non-member
      service agreement may be established in future, based on the current
          membership agreement and member fee schedule.
      Effect on APNIC
      No direct effect on the existing APNIC members.
      Effect on NIRs
      No direct effect to NIRs.
      Immediately after endorsement by the EC.