[sig-policy] prop-133-v001: Clarification on Sub-Assignments

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  • Subject: [sig-policy] prop-133-v001: Clarification on Sub-Assignments
  • From: "Bertrand Cherrier" <b.cherrier@micrologic.nc>
  • Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2020 11:18:54 +1100
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    • Dear SIG members

      The proposal "prop-133-v001: Clarification on Sub-Assignments" has been
      sent to the Policy SIG for review.

      (This is a new version of "prop-124" proposal abandoned after APNIC 48
      as it did not reach consensus at APNIC 46, APNIC 47, and APNIC 48.)

      It will be presented during the Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 49 in
      Melbourne, Australia on Thursday, 20 February 2020.

      We invite you to review and comment on the proposal on the mailing list
      before the meeting.

      The comment period on the mailing list before an APNIC meeting is an
      important part of the policy development process. We encourage you to
      express your views on the proposal:

      • Do you support or oppose this proposal?
      • Does this proposal solve a problem you are experiencing? If so, tell the community about your situation.
      • Do you see any disadvantages in this proposal?
      • Is there anything in the proposal that is not clear?
      • What changes could be made to this proposal to make it more effective?

      Information about this proposal is available at:


      Sumon, Bertrand, Ching-Heng
      APNIC Policy SIG Chairs

      prop-133-v001: Clarification on Sub-Assignments

      Proposer: Jordi Palet Martinez

      1. Problem statement

      Note that this proposal is ONLY relevant when end-users obtain direct
      assignments from APNIC, or when a LIR obtains, also from APNIC, and assignment
      for exclusive use within its infrastructure.
      Consequently, this is NOT relevant in case of LIR allocations.

      The intended goal of assignments is for usage by end-users or LIRs in
      their own infrastructure (servers, equipment, interconnections, employees,
      guest devices, subcontractors, only within that infrastructure),
      not for sub-assignment in other networks.

      The current text uses a “must” together with “documented purposes”. As a
      consequence, if there is a request with a documented purpose, and in the
      future the assigned space is used for some other purposes, it will
      violate the policy.

      For example, a university may document in the request, that the assigned
      addressing space will be used for their own network devices and serves, but
      afterwards they also sub-assign to the students in the campus
      (still same infrastructure). This last purpose was not documented, so it
      will fall out of the policy.

      2. Objective of policy change

      Clarification of the text, by rewording it.

      3. Situation in other regions

      This situation, has already been corrected in AFRINIC, ARIN, LACNIC and

      4. Proposed policy solution

      Actual text:
      2.2.3. Assigned address space
      Assigned address space is address space that is delegated to an LIR, or
      end-user, for specific use within the Internet infrastructure they operate.
      Assignments must only be made for specific, documented purposes and may not
      be sub-assigned.

      Proposed text:
      2.2.3. Assigned address space
      Assigned address space is address space that is delegated to an LIR, or
      end-user, for exclusive use within the infrastructure they operate, and may
      not be sub-assigned to other networks.

      5. Advantages / Disadvantages

      Advantages of the proposal:
      Fulfilling the objective above indicated and making sure to match the
      real situation in the market.

      Disadvantages of the proposal:
      None foreseen.

      6. Impact on resource holders

      Impact on resource holders:

      7. References

      AFRINIC: https://www.afrinic.net/policy/2018-v6-002-d3#details

      and https://www.arin.net/participate/policy/drafts/2019_15/


      RIPE NCC: https://www.ripe.net/participate/policies/proposals/2016-04


      Bertrand Cherrier
      Micro Logic Systems
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