[sig-policy] New Policy Proposal prop-116: Prohibit to transfer IPv4 add

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    • Subject: [sig-policy] New Policy Proposal prop-116: Prohibit to transfer IPv4 addresses in the final /8 block
    • From: Masato Yamanishi <myamanis at gmail dot com>
    • Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2016 19:00:03 +0900
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      • Dear SIG members


        The proposal "prop-116: Prohibit to transfer IPv4 addresses in the final

        /8 block" has been sent to the Policy SIG for review.


        It will be presented at the Open Policy Meeting at APNIC 42 in Colombo,

        Sri Lanka on Wednesday, 5 October 2016.


        We invite you to review and comment on the proposal on the mailing list

        before the meeting.


        The comment period on the mailing list before an APNIC meeting is an

        important part of the policy development process. We encourage you to

        express your views on the proposal:


            - Do you support or oppose this proposal?

             - Does this proposal solve a problem you are experiencing? If so,

          tell the community about your situation.

             - Do you see any disadvantages in this proposal?

             - Is there anything in the proposal that is not clear?

             - What changes could be made to this proposal to make it more




        Information about this proposal is available at:






        Masato and Sumon





        prop-116-v001: Prohibit to transfer IPv4 addresses in the final /8 block




        Proposer:       Tomohiro Fujisaki

                        fujisaki at syce dot net





        1. Problem statement



        There are a lot of transfers of IPv4 address blocks from 103/8

        happening, both within the APNIC region and among RIRs.


        The percentage of transfers from 103/8 block is over 10%, which looks so

        high, since APNIC manages about 40/8. And also, transfers from the 103/8

        block include:

          - Take place within 1 year of distribution, or

          - Multiple blocks to a single organization in case of beyond 1 year.


        Further, there is a case where a single organization have received 12

        blocks transfers from 103 range.


        see:  https://www.apnic.net/manage-ip/manage-resources/transfer-resources/transfer-logs


        From these figures, it is quite likely that substantial number of 103/8

        blocks are being used for transfer purpose.


        This conflicts with the concept of distribution of 103/8 block

        (prop-062), which is intended to accommodate minimum IPv4 address blocks

        for new comers.


         prop-062: Use of final /8




        2. Objective of policy change



        When stated problem is solved, distribution from 103/8 block will be

        consistent with its original purpose, for distribution for new entrants

        to the industry. Without the policy change, substantial portion of 103/8

        blocks will be consumed for transfer purpose.



        3. Situation in other regions



        RIPE-NCC has been discussing to prohibit transfer under the final /8

        address block.



        4. Proposed policy solution



        Prohibit transfer IPv4 address under /8 address block (103/8). If the

        address block allocated to a LIR is not needed any more, it have to

        return to APNIC to allocate to another organization.


        This proposal does not prohibit transfers due to M&A. Transfers of 103/8

        block due to M&A continues to be allowed, based on the M&A transfer




        5. Advantages / Disadvantages




          - It makes 103/8 blocks available according to the original purpose,

            as distribution for new entrants (rather than being consumed for

            transfer purpose)


          - IPv4 addresses under final /8 are not transferred to outside APNIC.


          - By prohibiting transfer them, it is possible to keep one /22 for

            each LIRs state,  which is fair for all LIRs.







        6. Impact on resource holders



          - LIRs cannot transfer address blocks under 103/8. No big impact while

            they use it.


          - Organizations which needs to receive transferred IPv4 can continue

            to do so, outside 103/8 blocks (which should be made available for

            new entrants)


          - In case of M&A, organizations can transfer 103/8 blocks through M&A

            transfer procedures



        7. References