[sig-policy] Prop-115 returned to author for further consideration

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    • Subject: [sig-policy] Prop-115 returned to author for further consideration
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    • Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 00:15:17 +0900
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      • Dear colleagues

        Version 3 of prop-115: Registration of detailed assignment information
        in whois DB, did not reach consensus at the APNIC 40 Open
        Policy Meeting.

        The Policy SIG Chair requested the Secretariat conduct further research
        into the problem statement and returned the proposal to the authors for
        further consideration.

        Proposal details

        This proposal seeks to require LIRs to register accurate filtering
        information, such as IPv4 port-range information and IPv6 assignment
        prefix size.

        Proposal details, including the full text of the proposal, history, and
        links to the APNIC 40 meeting archive, are available at:



        Masato and Sumon

        prop-115-v003: Registration of detailed assignment information in
                       whois DB

        Proposer:       Ruri Hiromi
                        hiromi at inetcore dot com

                        Tomohiro Fujisaki
                        fujisaki at syce dot net

        1. Problem statement

            Recently, there are some cases need to get IP address assignment
            information in more detail to specify user IP address.

            Without this information, operators cannot filter out specific
            address range, and it might lead to 'over-filter' (i.e. filtering
            whole ISP's address range).

            For example:

            1) 'Port' range information in IPv4

               ISPs are using 'CGN' or other kinds of IPv4 address sharing
               technology with assignment of IP address and specified port
               range to their users.

               In this case, port information is necessary to specify one user.

               ex) 1-256 is for HomeA
      257-511 is for HomeB

               or 1-65536 is shared address of ISP-X
               minimum size is /32

            2) address assignment size information in IPv6

               The IPv6 address assignment size may be different from ISP and
               its service estimation. Address assignment prefix size will be

               ex) 2001:db8:1::0/56 is for HomeA
               2001:db8:1:1::0/48 is for HomeB

               or 2001:db8:1::/36's minimum size is /56

        2. Objective of policy change

            Lots of operators look a record when harmful behavior coming to
            their network to identify its IP address confirming it can be
            filtered or not.

            The goal is providing more specific information to support these

        3. Situation in other regions

            No same regulation/discussion can be seen in other regions.

        4. Proposed policy solution

            Provide accurate filtering information generated from whois DB.

            For IPv4, propose to add 'port range' information to IP address

            For IPv6, propose to provide 'assignment prefix size' information
            for specific IPv6 address.

        5. Advantages / Disadvantages


         - operators can set filtering by IP address based on correct assignment
           information base.

         - users who share same address space can be avoid to be including bulk


         - registration rule will move to more strict manner.

         - strict watch and control in registration of database records.

         - additional record or option will be considered.

         - privilege for withdrawing detailed information will be set for these

        6. Impact on APNIC

            This might be beyond the scope of using whois DB and appropriate
            changes in policy document or guidance to whois DB will be needed.

            Some kind of modification cost in whois DB might be needed to set
            access privilege to the detailed information.

            Some kind of modification cost in whois DB might be needed in
            Help message/Warning/Alert when whois DB has non-privileged access.

            Some kind of promotion cost might be needed in announcing.

            Need cooperation and support from members(ISPs).

        7. Other Consideration

            For the security reason, this detailed records may be able to see
            only by operators.(some kind of user control/privilege setting is

            For hosting services, /32 in IPv4 and /128 in IPv6 registration
            should be discussed based on its operability and possibility. But a
            harmful activities to filter by IP addresses are coming from hosting
            services as well. Here it seemed to be some demands.

            Some ISP use IRR DB to notice their filter policy towards BGP
            community with "remarks" filed in aut-num record. Need more
            discussion among APNIC members on using whois DB versus IRR DB.

            Start a pilot project for research its demands and effectiveness
            in APNIC region. APNIC is a worthy body to lead this pilot project.

            There are some opinions that it is not suitable to handle those
            issues at the Internet Registries (IRs), but we think it should be
            registered in the IRs database since that is part of assignment