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      • Dean,


        Thank you for your excellent reply.


        I am all for working together to identify a way to get into the hands of a network operator who can do good things with it.  The prefix is trapped in APNIC right now with nowhere to go, and it’s time to set it free.


        More ideas everyone!  We can have a great discussion about it, here and in Jakarta.






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        Oops wrong button :)

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        Hi David, Everyone


        If APNIC were to just sell this off then there is no saying that it won't just appear in some large providers NAT pool. 


        I've just visited some providers who wanted address space so much they would probably bid for this just to have as a flag to wave and the rest of the /24 just sits in their CGN. That would be terrible for anyone whose sessions were associated with these addresses. 


        I won't elaborate here but there are even potential security issues related with a malicious actor being able to redirect this about of traffic. 


        Any of these would be a net loss to the Internet community.  


        So how can we turn this into a net win?


        I'm not that concerned about the money. Good things can be done with auction proceeds, but good ideas can come from people without money too. 


        For example what if an individual has a great idea to use for the common good but would never have an ability to win an auction?  They might also have no ability to purchase infrastructure to make the idea happen. 


        Nat Morris for eg runs a great any cast DNS service helping lots of people but I'm pretty sure his wife and dog would notice him going up against large corps in an auction. 


        What about this. 


        We take suggestions for the best 'public good' use of 

        For each of the ideas, let the community show support "a thumbs up/down" if you will. Also for each of them allow organisations to pitch to deliver it. 


        Market it as recycling trash even :)


        This way the good idea can come from anyone in any part of the world as long as it benefits all internet users. And large corporations can still get some exposure by offering to make it happen. 


        Imagine the photoshoot. Smart up-and-coming engineer from an LDC alongside a large multinational helping APNIC to make a difference to us all. 




        On Friday, 22 May 2015, David Huberman <David.Huberman at microsoft dot com> wrote:

        Hello Policy SIG,


        I have an idea for I would like to share with you before submitting a policy proposal.


        Prop-109 properly directed APNIC to use and for research purposes.  That leaves one more significant prefix to deal with:  It is significant because it contains the IP address

          is a desirable IP address.  It can be used in all sorts of very interesting applications.  It also receives an enormous amount of “junk” traffic every day, so it requires a fairly hefty infrastructure just to start routing it. 

        My idea is that APNIC should make this prefix available to all parties who want it. To decide who gets it, I propose an AUCTION where all proceeds go to a charitable endeavor (perhaps a future APNIC Foundation).   As the potential author of such a proposal, and as the IP address manager at Microsoft Corporation, I will guarantee that neither I nor my company will participate in any way in such an auction.  This proposal is not to benefit me or my company.  It is to give the prefix out to a network operator who wants it, in return for money given to charity.


        This is a new idea, and is not fully thought out.  So I wanted to post it, get some reactions, and improve the idea.  (Or abandon it if people do not like it.)


        Thank you.




        David R Huberman
        Principal, Global IP Addressing

        Microsoft Corporation


        Dean Pemberton

        Technical Policy Advisor
        +64 21 920 363 (mob)
        dean at internetnz dot net dot nz

        To promote the Internet's benefits and uses, and protect its potential.

        Dean Pemberton

        Technical Policy Advisor
        +64 21 920 363 (mob)
        dean at internetnz dot net dot nz

        To promote the Internet's benefits and uses, and protect its potential.