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[sig-policy] APNIC policy implementation advisory


APNIC policy implementation advisory

Today, 19 February 2014, APNIC implemented one policy proposal that
reached consensus at APNIC 36 in Xi'an, China in August 2013.

Two other policy proposals also reaching consensus at that meeting will
be implemented as described below.

prop-108 Suggested changes to the APNIC Policy Development Process

      This proposal optimizes the APNIC Policy Development Process to
      reduce the Comment Period to 4 weeks. This may be extended to 8
      weeks at the discretion of the Policy SIG Chair.


      To permit the APNIC Policy SIG to conduct its APNIC 37 policy
      discussions in accordance with this policy change, this proposal
      was implemented today, 19 February 2014.


prop-107 AS number transfer policy proposal

      This policy permits the transfer of Autonomous System Numbers
      (ASNs) within the APNIC region and between regions with compatible
      inter-regional ASN transfer policies.


      This policy will be implemented on Wednesday, 16 April 2014.

      - ASN market transfers will only be available between APNIC
        account holders unless implemented by the relevant NIR.

      - At this time, no other RIR has a compatible inter-regional ASN
        transfer policy. If another RIR implements such a policy, APNIC
        will announce the availability of such transfers at the
        appropriate time.

prop-105 Distribution of returned IPv4 address

      This policy provides a mechanism for the distribution of IPv4
      addresses received by APNIC that fall outside the 'final /8' block
      (103/8). These addresses may be delegated to eligible requestors
      that have already received addresses under prop-088 (the final /8


      This policy can only be implemented once the IANA delegates
      additional resources to APNIC according to the 'Global policy for
      post exhaustion allocations by the IANA'.

      That global policy is triggered when the first RIR reaches a /9 in
      its free pool of IPv4 addresses.

      APNIC will implement prop-105 once this policy is triggered and
      APNIC receives the resources from the IANA.

      Separate announcements relating to the implementation of this
      policy will be made at the appropriate time.

These policy changes required edits to four documents. The comment
period for the draft documents incorporating these policies ended on 10
February 2014.

Links to these drafts are available on the status page for each




Adam Gosling
Senior Policy Specialist       email:             adam@apnic.net
APNIC                          sip:          adam@voip.apnic.net
http://www.apnic.net           phone:            +61 7 3858 3100
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