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[sig-policy] New APNIC policies now active


New APNIC policies now active

Today, 18 February 2013, APNIC implements two policy proposals that 
reached consensus during APNIC 34 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in August 

The two policy proposals implemented are:

    - prop-101: Removing multihoming requirement for IPv6 portable 

      This a proposal to change the "IPv6 address allocation and 
      assignment policy" to allow portable (that is, provider 
      independent or PI) assignments of IPv6 address blocks to be made 
      by APNIC to any organization with due justification and payment of
      standard fees, removing the current requirement that the requestor
      is or plans to be multihomed.

    - prop-104: Clarifying demonstrated needs requirement in IPv4 
      transfer policy 
      This proposal increases to 24 months, the demonstrated need
      evaluation period for IPv4 transfer recipients.

The two policy changes required edits to three documents. The comment 
period for the draft documents incorporating these policies ended on 17 
February 2013. The following updated documents are now officially 

    - IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy 
    - APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition, and takeover policy
    - APNIC guidelines for IPv6 allocation and assignment requests

For more information on the history of the policy proposals, see the 
Policy Proposals page.

Adam Gosling
Senior Policy Specialist       email:             adam@apnic.net
APNIC                          sip:          adam@voip.apnic.net
http://www.apnic.net           phone:            +61 7 3858 3100
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