[sig-policy] prop-082-v002: Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6 initi

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  • Subject: [sig-policy] prop-082-v002: Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6 initial allocations
  • From: Randy Bush <randy at psg dot com>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 23:11:18 -0600
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      Version 2 of the proposal 'Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6
      initial allocations' has been sent to the Policy SIG for review. It will
      be presented at the Policy SIG at APNIC 29 in Kuala Lumpur, 1-5 March
      Information about this and other policy proposals is available from:
      This new version of the proposal reflects feedback from the community
      received on the Policy SIG mailing list:
           - The wording of section 4.1 has been changed to more closely
             reflect the current policy.
           - The first advantage listed in section 5.1 has been amended
             following community feedback.
           - Effects on APNIC members and NIRs have been added to sections
             6 and 7.
      We encourage you to express your views on the proposal:
                - Do you support or oppose this proposal?
                - Is there anything in the proposal that is not clear?
                - What changes could be made to this proposal to make it more
      Randy, Ching-Heng, and Terence
      prop-082-v002: Removing aggregation criteria for IPv6 initial
      Author:       Tomohiro Fujisaki <fujisaki at syce dot net>
      Co-authors:   Akira Nakagawa
                    Fuminori Tanizaki
                    Masaru Akai
                    Toshio Tachibana
      Version:      2
      Date:         24 February 2010
      1.  Introduction
      This is a proposal to remove the aggregation requirement from the IPv6
      initial allocation policy.
      2.  Summary of the current problem
      The initial IPv6 address allocation criteria requires that LIRs:
           "Plan to provide IPv6 connectivity to organizations to which it
           will make assignments, by advertising that connectivity through its
           single aggregated address allocation."[1]
      However, there is no similar aggregation requirement in either the
      criteria for subsequent allocations, or in the new IPv6 allocation
      criteria for APNIC members.
      Including the aggregation requirement is problematic for two reasons:
           1. It is inconsistent the criteria for IPv6 allocations under two
              other APNIC policies, which do not require aggregation. These
              policies are:
              - Subsequent IPv6 allocations
              - The new kick start IPv6 allocation criteria to be
               implemented 10 February 2010 [2]
           2. Registry policy should not concern itself strongly with routing
      3.  Situation in other RIRs
           The LACNIC community is currently discussing the following proposal
           to remove the requirement to announce an initial allocation as a
           single prefix in favour of announcing the prefix with the minimum
           possible level of disaggregation:
               2007-01: Modifications to the IPv6 Prefix Initial Allocation
           The RIPE community has recently removed routing requirements from
           IPv6 policy:
               2009-06: Removing Routing Requirements from the IPv6 Address
               Allocation Policy
      AfriNIC and ARIN initial IPv6 allocation criteria require a plan to
      aggregate, with no requirement for aggregation for subsequent allocation
      criteria. Neither RIR is has any proposal to modify these criteria.
      4.  Details
      This is a proposal to:
      4.1 Remove the requirement under the initial IPv6 allocation criteria to
          advertise an initial allocation as a single (aggregate) prefix.
      4.2 Include a stronger recommendation about the importance of
          aggregation to the IPv6 policy document.
          The APNIC IPv6 policy document currently does include information
          about the importance of aggregation[3]. However, it is the opinion
          of this proposal's authors that the recommendation should be more
          strongly expressed.
      5.  Pros/Cons
      5.1 Advantages
           - This policy reduces the number of requirements to obtain IPv6
           - Other RIR communities are discussing removing aggregation
             requirements from their policies, so it would be appropriate for
             APNIC policy to maintain similar criteria to other regions.
      5.2 Disadvantages
           - By removing the aggregation requirement in the policy,
             deaggregated routes may begin to be announced more frequently.
      6.  Effect on APNIC members
      APNIC members can apply for IPv6 addresses without ensuring aggregation.
      7.  Effect on NIRs
      NIRs should remove the aggregation requirement from IPv6 initial
      allocation criteria.
      8.  References
      [1] See section 5.2.1, "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy"
      [2] prop-073: Simplifying allocation/assignment of IPv6 to APNIC members
           with existing IPv4 addresses"
      [3] See section 3.4, "IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy"