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  • Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 15:37:28 +0800
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      Here's the chair's summary report of the last Policy SIG held during APNIC
      21 last week.
      The Policy SIG had two sessions with 56 people attending the first and 60
      for the second session.
      The jabber chat had 18 participants online.
      There was one proposal in this meeting. Proposal 032-v002:  4-byte AS
      number, proposed by Geoff Huston proposes AS assignment transition in three
      -Commencing on 1 January 2007, the registry will process applications for
      32-bit only AS numbers upon specific request. 16-bit only AS numbers will be
      assigned by default.
      -Commencing on 1 January 2009,the registry will assign 32-bit only AS
      numbers by default. 16-bit only AS numbers will be assigned upon specific
      -Commencing on 1 January year 2010, the registry will assign from the
      extended AS number space.
      The proposal reached consensus in the Policy SIG and also endorsed at the
      AMM on Friday.
      This proposal will proceed into the next phase of 8 week mailing list
      Leslie Daigle, chair of the IAB introduced the IETF and IAB in here
      There was also an IP policy update presented by APNIC secretariat and led to
      us have a discussion on the proposal 20-001, Application of HD- ratio to
      IPv4. A decision on this proposal had been pending as there was no further
      support received via the mailing lists. It was first discussed in APNIC 18
      and also updated in APNIC 19. An LIR survey result was shared at the APNIC
      20 and also a lot of discussion in the mailing list.
       From the discussion concerns were raised about impact of the applying HD
      ratio to IPv4 proposal and since no clear support was received it was agreed
      for the chair to take this discussion for a final 1 month discussion in the
      mailing list. From there we can decide whether to abandon the proposal or
      consider a next step.
      There was an informational presentation on IPv6 portable assignment for
      multihoming presented by Hosaka-san, also the co-chair of Policy SIG.
      Another informational presentation include large IPv4 address space usage
      trial for future IPv6 presented by Ito-san. And survey results in Japan - a
      policy change presented by Izumi and also finally we have issue regarding
      critical infrastructure and assignment size presented by Billy, an EC
      All presentation material are available in
      Final minutes of this Policy SIG will be available soon.
      Kind regards,
      Kenny Huang
      Policy SIG chair