[sig-policy] Final call for comments: [prop-005-v004] "IANA globalIPv6 a

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      APNIC welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions on the following
      policy proposal:
      Final call for comments: [prop-005-v004]
      "IANA global IPv6 allocation policy"
      This is the final call for comments on policy proposal [prop-005-v004]
      "IANA global IPv6 allocation policy".
      This proposal was presented at APNIC 18 and the original proposal was
      modified to include the following:
          - Defined allocation unit (suggested size is /12)
          - All allocations should be in multiples of the minimum allocation
            size (suggested to be as a single CIDR block)
          - IANA allocations are made for a defined period (suggested as 36
          - RIR qualifies for subsequent allocation when a defined amount
            is utilised by allocation or reservation (suggested amount is
            50 percent)
          - IANA to process requests according to NRO and IANA agreed
          - Communication by IANA to RIRs only.
      Based on the modified proposal, the following consensus was reached:
          "to adopt the proposal governing the allocation of IPv6
           address space from the IANA to the Regional Internet
           Registries (RIRs)"
      This proposal is now submitted to the sig-policy mailing list for an
      eight week discussion period. At the end of that period, if consensus
      appears to have been achieved, the Chair of the Policy SIG will
      ask the Executive Council to endorse the proposal for implementation.
      *   Send all comments and questions to:   <sig-policy at apnic dot net>
      *   Deadline for comments:                12 November 2004
      Proposal details
      This document describes the policy governing the allocation of IPv6
      address space from the IANA to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).
      This document does not stipulate performance requirements in the
      provision of services by IANA to an RIR in accordance with the policy.
      Such requirements should be specified by appropriate agreements among
      the RIRs and ICANN.
      1.    Allocation principles
      1.1  The unit of IPv6 allocation (and therefore the minimum IPv6
           allocation) from IANA to an RIR is a /12;
      1.2  Every IPv6 allocation from IANA to an RIR will comprise a single
           CIDR prefix.
      1.3  The IANA will allocate sufficient IPv6 address space to each RIR to
           support its registration needs for at least a 36 month period;
      1.4  The IANA will allow each RIR to apply its own respective chosen
           allocation and reservation strategies in order to ensure the
           efficiency and efficacy of its work.
      2.    IANA allocations to RIRs
      2.1 Initial allocations
           On inception of this policy, each current RIR shall receive an IPv6
           allocation from the IANA.
           Any new RIR shall, on recognition by ICANN, receive an IPv6
           allocation from the IANA.
      2.2  Additional allocations - Eligibility
           A RIR is eligible to receive additional IPv6 address space from the
           IANA when it has utilised (allocated or reserved) more than 50%
           of its total IPv6 address space holdings.
      2.3  Size of additional allocations
           Each additional allocation to an RIR will be a number (one or more)
           of /12 blocks, sufficient to ensure that the RIR holds at least 36
           months' supply of IPv6 address space.
      3.    Announcement of IANA allocations
      When address space is allocated to a RIR, the IANA will send a detailed
      announcement to the receiving RIR. The IANA will also make announcements
      to all other RIRs, informing them of the recent allocation. The RIRs
      will coordinate announcements to their respective membership lists and
      any other lists they deem necessary.
      The IANA will make appropriate modifications to the "Internet Protocol
      V6 Address Space" page of the IANA website and may make announcements to
      its own appropriate announcement lists.  The IANA announcements will be
      limited to which address ranges, the time of allocation and to which
      Registry they have been allocated.
      Proposal details including full text of proposal, presentations, links
      to relevant meeting minutes, and links to mailing list discussions are
      available at:
      APNIC Secretariat                              <secretariat at apnic dot net>
      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)   Tel: +61-7-3858-3100
      PO Box 2131 Milton, QLD 4064 Australia            Fax: +61-7-3858-3199
      Level 1, 33 Park Road, Milton, QLD                http://www.apnic.net