[sig-policy] Policy for allocation of IPv6 address space from IANAto RIR

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  • Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 20:26:00 +1000
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    • Dear colleagues,

      Following is a proposal for presentation at the coming meeting, regarding the allocation of IPv6 address space from the IANA to RIRs. It is intended that this proposed policy would be passed through all RIRs and then approved by the ASO and ICANN as a global policy, before coming into effect.

      I look forward to your feedback on this mailing list, and at the meeting in Fiji.

      Best regards

      Paul Wilson

      APNIC Policy Proposal

      Proposed by: APNIC Secretariat
      Version: 1.0
      Date: 4 August 2004


      This document describes the policy governing the allocation of IPv6 address space from the IANA to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). This document does not stipulate performance requirements in the provision of services by IANA to an RIR in accordance with the policy. Such requirements should be specified by appropriate agreements among the RIRs and ICANN.

      1. Allocation Principles

      - The minimum and initial IPv6 allocation from IANA to an RIR in a /12;

      - The IANA will allocate sufficient IPv6 address space to each RIR to support its registration needs for at least a 36 month period;

      - The IANA will allow each RIR to apply its own respective chosen allocation and reservation strategies in order to ensure the efficiency and efficacy of its work.

      2. Initial Allocations

      On inception of this policy, each current RIR shall be allocated a new /12 by the IANA. Also, a new RIR shall, on recognition by ICANN, be allocated a new /12 by the IANA.

      3. Additional Allocations

      3.1 Eligibility for additional allocations

      A RIR is eligible to receive additional IPv6 address space from the IANA when it has allocated more than 50% of its total IPv6 address space holdings.

      3.2 Size of additional allocations

      With each additional allocation to an RIR, the IANA will double the address space held by the RIR, in effect providing the RIR with a total IPv6 prefix which is one bit shorter.

      4. IANA prefix reservations

      In order to facilitate IPv6 address space aggregation, IANA will reserve eight /6 prefixes within 2000::/3 for each RIR, according to the following table.

      Binary Prefix Status

      001 000 2000::/6 various
      001 001 2400::/6 APNIC
      001 010 2800::/6 AFRINIC
      001 011 2A00::/6 ARIN
      001 100 3000::/6 LACNIC
      001 101 3400::/6 RIPE NCC
      001 110 3800::/6 reserved
      001 111 3A00::/6 reserved

      IANA will allocate to each RIR from the reserved prefix, in accordance with this policy document.

      5. Announcement of IANA Allocations to the RIRs

      When address space is allocated to a RIR, the IANA will send a detailed announcement to the receiving RIR. The IANA will also make announcements to all other RIRs, informing them of
      the recent allocation. The RIRs will coordinate announcements to their respective membership lists and any other lists they deem necessary.

      The IANA will make appropriate modifications to the “Internet Protocol V6 Address Space” page of the IANA website and may make announcements to its own appropriate announcement lists. The IANA announcements will be limited to which address ranges, the time of allocation and to which Registry they have been allocated