[sig-policy]Final call for comments: [prop-006-v001] - Supporting histor

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      APNIC welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions on the following policy
      Final call for comments:  [prop-006-v001]
      "Supporting historical resource transfer"
      This is the final call for comments on policy proposal [prop-006-v001]
      "Supporting historical resource transfer".
      This proposal was presented at APNIC 16 and the following consensus was
        "The SIG accepted by consensus the proposal to allow transfers
         of historical resources to APNIC members. Under this proposal
         there will be no technical review or approval, but the holder
         of the historical resource must be verified and the recipient
         of the transfer must be an APNIC member. Existing historical
         resource holders will still be able to update their information
         as previously."
      This proposal is now submitted to the sig-policy mailing list for an eight
      week discussion period. At the end of that period, if consensus appears to
      have been achieved, the Chair of the Address Policy SIG will ask the
      Executive Council to endorse the proposal for implementation.
      *   Send all comments and questions to:   <sig-policy at apnic dot net>
      *   Deadline for comments:                20 November 2003
      Proposal details
      It is proposed that measures be considered which will, over time, bring
      historical resource registrations into the current policy framework. A
      specific measure proposed is to allow historical resources which are not
      required by their registered holder to be easily transferred to
      organisations which hold current agreements with APNIC, on the understanding
      that those resources will then be considered "current" and therefore subject
      to the appropriate policies and agreements.
      Importantly, it is proposed that these resource transfers should be
      recognised and registered by APNIC without the requirement for technical
      review or approval. The only conditions placed upon a transfer would be:
      that the holder of the historical resource is verified and registered; and
      that both parties give explicit consent to a transfer.
      It is noted that APNIC will not review any agreements between the parties to
      a transfer, and will exert no control over the type of agreement which may
      be made.
      * Implementation
      Four specific steps will need to be taken, in sequence, in order to process
      a transfer under this policy:
          a. validation and registration of the existing holder;
          b. verification of their intention to transfer a resource;
          c. verification of the recipient's consent to receive a
             transfer; and
          d. registration of the transferred resource.
      APNIC procedures already include well established processes for validating
      historical resource registrations, including documentation, request forms,
      and statutory declaration/indemnification forms (step a above). An
      additional transfer form would be developed for historical resource holders
      to request a transfer to a specific party, identified as a current APNIC
      member (step b).
      It is noted that an organisation wishing to receive a transfer must be a
      member of APNIC prior to the lodgement of a transfer request form.  This new
      member organisation would not be required to pay the "Resource Request
      Processing Fee" in order to receive a transfer (however it would have to pay
      that fee at a later time in order to submit a conventional resource request
      to APNIC).
      On receipt of a validated request form (step b above), APNIC will contact
      the member organisation named as recipient, to verify that they wish to
      receive the resource (step c).  An appropriate interface could be developed
      within MyAPNIC to support this process, however this is not likely to be
      required initially.
      Finally, APNIC would register the transferred resource and notify the
      registered holder, as it does in the case of any normal resource allocation
      (step c).
      It is noted that resources transferred under this policy would thereafter be
      subject to the provisions of all normal address management policies.
      Specifically: the use of transferred resources would need to be documented
      as a part of current resource holdings in any future APNIC address requests;
      and the transferred resources would be considered in the assessment of the
      APNIC membership tier of the organisation, on the renewal of their
      Proposal details including full text of proposal, presentations, links to
      relevant meeting minutes, and links to mailing list discussions are
      available at:
      APNIC Secretariat                              <secretariat at apnic dot net>
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      PO Box 2131 Milton, QLD 4064 Australia            Fax: +61-7-3858-3199
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