[sig-dns] Fwd: Proposal to deprecate ip6.int reverse DNS service in APNI

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  • Subject: [sig-dns] Fwd: Proposal to deprecate ip6.int reverse DNS service in APNIC
  • From: Joe Abley <jabley at isc dot org>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 22:07:35 -0400
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    • This was received by me yesterday by Sanjaya, but didn't make it onto the list. Here it is, for completeness.
      Begin forwarded message:
      From: Sanjaya <sanjaya at apnic dot net>
      Date: 10 August 2005 21:21:21 EDT
      Subject: Proposal to deprecate ip6.int reverse DNS service in APNIC
      Dear colleagues,
      I am submitting a proposal to deprecate ip6.int reverse DNS service in
      APNIC as outlined below. I would appreciate any comments and feedback
      through the mailing list, and during the APNIC 20 meeting in Hanoi.
      Thank you.
      prop-30-v001: Deprecation of ip6.int reverse DNS service in APNIC
      Authors:      Sanjaya <sanjaya at apnic dot net>
      Version:      1.0
      Date:         10 August 2005
      Proposal to deprecate ip6.int reverse DNS service in APNIC
      The use of the ip6.int domain was deprecated in August 2001 (RFC 3152). It has been replaced by ip6.arpa domain. The RFC indicated that the use of the
      ip6.int domain was "likely be phased out in an orderly fashion".
      An individual Internet Draft has been submitted by Geoff Huston
      (draft-huston-ip6-int-03.txt) to deprecate ip6.int, and proposing that the
      Regional Internet Registries are no longer required to maintain the
      delegation of entries in ip6.int. The date nominated in that draft is
      1 September 2005. This draft has been submitted into the IETF's Standards track and is currently being considered by the IESG for adoption as an RFC.
      APNIC has stopped accepting updates to ip6.int domain for the last one year, since June 2004. However, the APNIC DNS servers are still getting roughly 5
      queries per minute on this domain.
      Proposal Summary
      With the acceptance of draft-huston-ip6-int-03 as an RFC, it is proposed
      that APNIC cease devoting resources to support the operation of this
      deprecated domain, at a date no earlier than 1 June 2006.
      Situation in other RIRs
      Other RIRs are facing this issue, and are likely to take action in due
      course. LACNIC has consulted its community and is currently preparing to
      cease ip6.int support. ARIN, RIPE and AFRINIC can be expected to
      present this issue in their respective communities at a later date.
      Details of your proposal
      APNIC domain name servers will cease answering ip6.int reverse domain
      queries after a specific date. This may occur at any time after 1 June
      2006, on a date to be established in coordination with other RIRs.
      The following steps are proposed to ensure orderly cutoff and minimise
      operational impact:
      - Notify the parties who have been sending ip6.int queries to APNIC
        servers (2 weeks after EC approval)
      - Monitor the DNS traffic for ip6.int queries
      - Send final reminder to the parties still sending ip6.int queries
        (4 weeks before 1 June 2006)
      - Send public announcements through newsletter, website, MyAPNIC,
        mailing lists (as needed)
      - Notify root ip6.int to remove APNIC delegation on the cutoff date
        (1 week and 1 day prior)
      - Remove ip6.int entries in APNIC domain name servers and restart the
        service (cutoff date to be determined later)
      - Report completion of the project in APNIC 22 meeting (September 2006)
      Advantages and disadvantages of adopting the proposed policy
      With the implementation of this policy, only one IPv6 reverse DNS service is maintained: ip6.arpa. This should prevent confusion by the end users and network administrators, while freeing APNIC resources to more productive
      Legacy IPv6 applications that use ip6.int domain and do not support
      ip6.arpa will no longer obtain valid DNS results. However, since updates to
      ip6.int ceased some time ago, such results have been incomplete or
      inaccurate for at least 1 year. Additionally it is expected that the
      affected parties will have been well informed by the IETF's standards
      action as well as by the operational steps outlined above.
      Effect on APNIC members
      - Members using legacy IPv6 applications should migrate to the latest
        version that supports ip6.arpa
      - Members receiving ip6.int delegation from APNIC should cease operating
        their ip6.int domain.
      Effect on NIRs
      - NIRs receiving ip6.int delegation from APNIC should cease operating
        their ip6.int domain.
      - RFC3152 Delegation of IP6.ARPA
      - Geoff Huston, Deprecation of "ip6.int"
      Technical Services Manager                         <sanjaya at apnic dot net>
      APNIC                                               ph +61 7 3858 3100
      http://www.apnic.net                                fx +61 7 3858 3199