[sig-db] Final call for comments: [prop-026-v001] "APNIC to publishaddre

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    • Dear colleagues

      APNIC welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions on the following policy proposal:


      Final call for comments: [prop-026-v001]
      APNIC to publish address assignment statistics

      This is the final call for comments on policy proposal [prop-026-v001] "APNIC to publish address assignment statistics".

      This is a proposal for APNIC to publish address assignment statistics.

      This proposal was presented at APNIC 19 and the following consensus was reached:

      "Following approval at each remaining step of the policy
      development process, the APNIC Secretariat will implement
      proposal prop-026-v001, APNIC to publish address assignment

      This proposal is now submitted to the sig-db mailing list for an eight week discussion period. At the end of that period, if consensus appears to have been achieved, the Chair of the Database SIG will ask the Executive Council to endorse the proposal for implementation.

      * Send all comments and questions to: <sig-db at apnic dot net>
      * Deadline for comments: Friday 29 April 2005

      Proposal details

      Proposal: APNIC to publish address assignment statistics

      Author: Toshiyuki Hosaka
      Version: 1.0
      Date: 19 January 2005


      This is a proposal requesting the APNIC secretariat to collect the
      number of assignments registered in APNIC whois database on a monthly
      basis, sorted by country and by address prefix(size).

      This will help to keep track of the total IP address consumption in the
      region and should be made publicly available on the APNIC website or on
      the ftp server.


      + In order to study the IP address consumption, it is necessary to keep
      track of not only the allocation data(date of allocation, allocated
      country, allocation size), but also how much assignments are actually
      made from those allocations.

      + However no data regarding assignments are currently made pubic by

      + It is not no longer able to obtain assignment data by querying the
      APNIC whois database since "Privacy of customer assignment records"
      had been implemented by the APNIC secretariat last year.

      + APNIC Whois query result provides information such as the name of the
      assigned organization, contact, etc, but these information are not
      necessary for studying the trend of the address consumptions


      - allocation data is already made publicly available by APNIC, therefore,
      it is out of scope of this proposal

      - the information to be collected is defined as follows
      + registry(APNIC)
      + country code
      + type of IP address(IPv4/IPv6)
      + prefix size of the assignment(/24, /23 ..., etc)
      + data sorted by prefix size of the assignment

      - All assignment data which fall into either one of the following
      categories should be collected:
      + data registered as "Assigned non-portable"
      + data registered as "Assigned portable"

      (Note:sub-allocation data, i.e, "allocated non-portable" will not be
      the target of the data collection in order to avoid double counts of
      assignments registered under such allocations)

      - Add up the total of the above mentioned data, sorted by country and by
      prefix size.

      - the following is a proposed data format, but this can be changed.


      registry ... APNIC
      cc ... country code(2 letters) registered in the assignment
      type ... IPv4 or IPv6
      prefix ... address prefix
      value ... the number of assignments registered under the specified prefix

      (EX) APNIC|JP|ipv4|24|2678


      - It enables speculation of the volumes of address stocks within LIRs
      and the scale of deployment among end users by comparing the volume of
      allocations and assignments

      - Especially in terms of IPv6 which is still under diffusion period, it
      can be used as a basis for future policy development by seeing how
      much assignments are actually being made

      - Those who needs access to such data do not need to make whois queries
      and does not conflict with "Privacy of customer assignment records"

      Effect on APNIC

      APNIC members can access to the assignment data without conflict with
      "Privacy of customer assignment records"




      Proposal details including full text of proposal, presentations, links
      to relevant meeting minutes, and links to mailing list discussions are
      available at:



      APNIC Secretariat

      APNIC Secretariat <secretariat at apnic dot net>
      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre Tel: +61-7-3858-3100
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