[sig-db]a proposal for whois db query

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  • Subject: [sig-db]a proposal for whois db query
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  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 17:56:23 +0800
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      I am Jeng-jr Li from TTN , Taiwan Telecommunication Network Services .
      Here is a rough idea about the whois query working mechanism.
      Please post any issue or question regarding this proposal.
      Deeply appreciate any feedback/comment.
      Jeng-jr Li
      TTN / PCCW
      IP Network Dept.
      +886-2-27881588 ext 526
        A Proposal for Whois DB Query
      Maintaining whois infomation is not an easy task for ISP or LIR.
      If there is already infomation existing in ISP, how about displaying the
      whois query
      directly from ISP / LIR.
        Summary of the current problem:
      1. Real Time Update:
      Some ISPs are hard to update the whois data whenever an ip assignment
      Also it's not realtime to batch update for ISP/LIR holding large ip blocks.
      This is a chain reaction of another issue , the accuracy of whois
      2. Man-hour , Man-power Issue
      NIC provides webs for LIR to update whois data , however it needs man-hour
      and man-power to process the data not suitable for LIR holding large ip
       Situation in other RIRs:
        Details of proposal:
      Suppose ip address is the requested info.
      When a whois client query at a NIC's whois server , whois server will
      know that the requested info can be resolved from the LIR's server.
      1. The whois server can find the LIR's DNS Server from that ip address's
      reverse zone record.
      2. LIR's DNS server can response whois's query , otherwise back to the
      conventional whois working model .
      3. ISP/LIR's DNS server selecting fields from local DB , then feed back to
      whois server .
       Advantages and disadvantages of adopting the proposal:
      Pros :
      The current whois protocol do NOT need to change.
      This proposed process can start from a local area , thus  only impact on one
      NIR and the volunteer LIR.
      Whois data no longer to update for volunteer LIR.
      NIR have to prepare the additional programs.
      Volunteer LIR also have to prepare the additional programs on it's DNS
      ps: sample programs for reference are provided
        Effect on APNIC members:
      If the querying model accepted between APNIC and it's members , members will
      not to update their ip block's infomation.
        Effect on NIRs:
      NIR have to prepare the additional programs on it's whois server.