[sig-db][Proposal] a proposal of policy for mirroring on IRR

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  • Subject: [sig-db][Proposal] a proposal of policy for mirroring on IRR
  • From: "Matsumoto, Junichi" <matsumoto at gw.odn dot ad dot jp>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2004 10:38:23 +0900
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      I am Junichi Matsumoto, from JPNIC irr-planning team.
      This is a revised edition of the proposal I posted in the last APOPM.
      We try to make the point of the discussion clear.  Please post any 
      issue or question before the meeting.
      Proposed by: JPNIC
      Date: 16 July 2003
      A Proposal of Policy for Mirroring on IRR
       1. Background
        We had proposed an IRR Operational Model , which was like a
      hierarchical topology of registry system, at the 13th APNIC open policy
      meeting.  It has reached consensus with the attendees of that APOPM.  
        Under the present condition, the distributed database of IRR makes it
      difficult to collect required database.  Therefore, the completeness of 
      database can be raised by collecting IRR database among RIR/NIR when
      this model is adopted. 
        On the other hand, a couple of problems comes up in the handling
      of IRR database at the time of database exchange . These problems depend on the
      difference in a mirroring policy of each IRR server. Under the
      hierarchical topology, the IRR server county in the hierarchical
      topology needs to mirror each other database smoothly.
      2. Goal 
        In order to realize smooth database exchange within this IRR
      hierarchical topology, mirroring which does not have restriction in
      distribution of a database between IRRs is needed. 
      Therefore, the goal of this proposal is to decide upon the common
      mirroring policy with agreement among IRRs, and each mirroring is 
      carried out under the policy.
      This proposal is a proposal of the mirroring policy only for mirroring
      between IRRs, and is not to mention the rule in operation of each IRR.
      3. Problem 
      When this IRR hierarchical topology is structured in the present
      condition, there are two problems. 
        1) Although exchange of the database between limited IRRs must be
      able to be freed under a hierarchical topology, in the present 
      condition, IRR does not have the restriction yet.  Each IRR server's 
      operator is making the mirroring policy uniquely for the handling of
      database now.  It is necessary to adjust an agreement individually if 
      each IRR has different policy when mirroring.  In that case, 
      complicated work will increase in respect of IRR mirroring and 
      database management.
        2) Freeing exchange of IRR database has a high possibility of causing
      diffusion of database.  A mirroring policy which is different between 
      each NIR/RIR cannot clarify the boundary of hierarchical topology. 
      Under the situation of which common restriction between IRRs cannot be 
      performed, it becomes impossible to limit diffusion of database going 
      out from the hierarchical topology.
        In order to solve these issues, it is necessary to establish a 
      common IRR mirroring policy by RIR/NIR which has collected database.
      4. Proposal 
      In order to solve these two issues, we propose a common mirroring policy 
      between IRRs including the following contents. 
      "Free mirroring of IRR database is performed in RIR/NIR/LIR limitedly. 
      Moreover, in order to prevent IRR database distribution of RIR/NIR from
      LIR to any other IRR servers, RIR/NIR needs to mirror each LIR after 
      taking consent about the policy of not distributing the data of RIR/NIR 
      from LIR."
      4.	Sample Mirroring Policy
      JPIRR mirroring policy is an example to satisfy this proposal. Please
      see JPNIC homepage for more details.
      5.	Implementation
      This proposal shall be implemented by all RIRs/NIRs. 
      2nd Quarter 2004 : Finishing reaching consensus of this proposal 
                         at each RIR's Meeting
      2nd Quarter 2005 : Finishing applying this policy between RIRs/NIRs and LIRs 
                         if the RIRs/NIRs wish