[sig-db]Policy for mirroring on IRR

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  • Subject: [sig-db]Policy for mirroring on IRR
  • From: "Matsumoto, Junichi" <matsumoto at gw.odn dot ad dot jp>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 10:16:22 +0900
  • Cc: irr-plan at nic dot ad dot jp
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      This is Junichi Matsumoto, JPNIC IRR-Plan Team.
      I would like to discuss our proposal in 16th APOPM SIG-db on this
      mailing list.
      The presentation sides is available at:
      <URL>  http://www.apnic.net/meetings/16/programme/sigs/db.html
      Sorry for late posting.
      At the last APNIC OPM, JPNIC IRR-plan team has suggested the policy 
      for distributing IRR database under the topology of hierarchical 
      mirroring on IRR. The discussion of this proposal extended to ML.  
      It was the reason, We thought, that the reason we propose this 
      policy did not be understood among the attendees.  Thus, I try to
      explain the background of this proposal in the following.
      We believe that this policy of limited distributing IRR database 
      is for the hierarchical mirroring topology of IRR. The hierarchical 
      topology is the proposal that JPNIC announced a couple of times, and has 
      reached consensus at APNIC OPM.
      <URL> http://www.apnic.net/meetings/13/sigs/routing/index.html
      We believe this policy have several effectiveness as follows:
      1. The suggested hierarchical topology limits spreading of IRR database.
      2. The limitation of mirroring step prevents IRR database from 
         unlimited replicating.
      3. IRR database includes personal information. The personal information 
         in IRR database would be premised to be opened, but does not premise
         to be replicated unlimitedly.
      That is why a rule is needed to limit distributing IRR database, 
      so we propose the policy at APNIC OPM.
      We want any comments about this proposal and our opinion. 
      Please feel free to ask any question.
      After my presentation, we got some comments.
      I could not answer the comments at APNIC OPM. Therefore I answer 
      them in this ML.
      Q. How the system of announcing each IRR operator's policy to other 
         IRRs is prepared?
      A. We think the system requirement should come after reaching
         the consensus of this proposal.  
      Q. The implementation date is too early
      A. After the discussion in ML, we will postpone the implementation date.
         The proposal could not be reached consensus.  Moreover, we should 
         need to announce this to ARIN and RIPE community, too.
      Junichi Matsumoto
      JPNIC IRR-planning team