[sig-db]Final call for comments: [prop-007-v001] - Privacy of customeras

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      APNIC welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions on the following policy
      Final call for comments:  [prop-007-v001]
      "Privacy of customer assignment records"
      This is the final call for comments on policy proposal [prop-007-v001]
      "Privacy of customer assignment records".
      This proposal was presented at APNIC 16 and the following consensus was
        "The SIG accepted by consensus the proposal to make public
         registration of customer assignments optional and to introduce
         a new "hidden" attribute to restrict public visibility of
         private records."
      This proposal is now submitted to the sig-db mailing list for an eight week
      discussion period. At the end of that period, if consensus appears to have
      been achieved, the Chair of the Database SIG will ask the Executive Council
      to endorse the proposal for implementation.
      *   Send all comments and questions to:   <sig-db at apnic dot net>
      *   Deadline for comments:                20 November 2003
      Proposal details
      It is proposed that customer assignments (and sub-allocation records) need
      no longer be publicly accessible in the APNIC database via normal "whois"
      Customer registration records must still be registered within the APNIC
      database, in order to document address utilisation, however a new "hidden:"
      database attribute will be provided to allow the records to be excluded from
      public whois query results.
      ISPs may wish to register and maintain public registrations, in order that
      customer contact information be available publicly, however should be their
      choice. By doing so, ISPs must also commit to maintenance of accurate
      records, and APNIC should explicitly disclaim responsibility for accuracy of
      these records.
      A management interface for customer assignments will be provided within the
      "MyAPNIC" service, in order that address space utilisation may be tracked.
      * Implementation
      The following steps are involved in implementation of this proposal:
          a. Provision of a "hidden:" attribute within the APNIC
             database, for use with "inetnum", "inet6num" and "autnum"
             objects (if this attribute is included with value "yes",
             the record will not be visible in public whois queries,
             and it will not be exported to any database mirrors);
          b. modification of the "MyAPNIC" service to allow maintenance
             of "hidden" records;
          c. modification of APNIC policy documentation to reflect the
             above changes.
      Proposal details including full text of proposal, presentations, links to
      relevant meeting minutes, and links to mailing list discussions are
      available at:
      APNIC Secretariat                              <secretariat at apnic dot net>
      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)   Tel: +61-7-3858-3100
      PO Box 2131 Milton, QLD 4064 Australia            Fax: +61-7-3858-3199
      Level 1, 33 Park Road, Milton, QLD                http://www.apnic.net