[GLOBAL-V6] Re: IPv6 Research/Not-for-profit Addressing

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  • Subject: [GLOBAL-V6] Re: IPv6 Research/Not-for-profit Addressing
  • From: JORDI PALET MARTINEZ <jordi.palet at consulintel dot es>
  • Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:47:04 +0100
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      >> From: Jeroen Massar [mailto:jeroen at unfix dot org]
      >> Sent: Monday, 30 January 2006 10:56 PM
      >> To: Christopher Martin
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      >> Subject: Re: IPv6 Research/Not-for-profit Addressing
      >> The certainly do have options for IPv6 only. See:
      >> http://www.apnic.net/docs/corpdocs/member-fee-schedule.html
      >> Which means small: $2500 US which translates to $3750 AU.
      > Those membership levels assume much larger allocations than we require. It
      > would be remiss of us to use our limited resources to acquire assets which
      > we could only hope to use a tiny portion of. We need a modest, portable
      > range.
      Remember that the minimum prefix for IPv6 is /32.
      >> What would be unfair is if a "non-profit" organization could get a
      >> 'cheaper' prefix than a commercial organization. Especially because you
      >> are in direct competition with them. That your business model doesn't
      >> give you enough funding doesn't mean that would become an option.
      >> Then again politics on this planet seem to like those kind of constructs.
      > Actually, there is no case of direct competition as the network:
      > * Won't provide any IPv4 access to the internet
      I'm not sure to understand then how your users will use email and other
      services, which aren't yet available with IPv6 worldwide. Same for lots of
      web sites, which are only available with IPv4. Unless you have plans for
      doing some proxying ?
      > * Won't provide any 6-to-4 translation/bridging to the internet
      6to4 is not a translation, is an automatic tunneling mechanism.
      > * Won't offer any guaranteed quality of service
      > For those who can afford a form of broadband it will be a supplemental
      > service, while those who can't can still act as a peer on at least some form
      > of network.
      > As a side note, the ISP industry worldwide is marching all over the original
      > model of the internet, that being a peer-to-peer network, by forcing DHCP
      > addressing on permanent services like cable and ADSL.
      Not all, some realized already that this is not longer good even for them
      >> "Pricing" is globally mostly the same btw.
      >>> Is there address space made available for research purposes, or is there
      >>> space set aside for not-for-profit use?
      >> Your best bet is to contact AARNet (http://www.aarnet.edu.au), they are
      >> in Australia for research and education and already provide IPv6
      >> connectivity. They might be able to help you out.
      > We have approached AARNet, however they require a peering agreement to be in
      > place, but the requirements are a very steep hill to climb, needing
      > multi-megabit links in each state, which presupposes the existence of a
      > network.
      >> There is also at least one project which has received their own IPv6
      >> allocation and  is also non-profit. Maybe OCCAID (http://www.occaid.org)
      >> can help you out.
      > Thanks, I will approach them.
      Not sure if this is case for OCCAID, as the idea here is not to provide
      addressing space, but transit for those that can't get good quality transit
      from your own upstreams, which seems not to be your case ?
      >> Thirdly there is an "Experimental IPv6 Allocation" policy:
      >> See: http://www.ripe.net/ripe/docs/ipv6policy.html
      > Again, thanks for the info.
      This is oriented to experiments, not really services. If it is a trial
      service, may work.
      >> BTW: 6bone is dead per 6/6/6.
      > We are aware, and the ISPs in question are looking at connecting to Telstra,
      > Optus and NTT's v6 trial networks.
      They should be no longer trials !
      > Thanks for you replies.
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