[GLOBAL-V6] Re: up a few thousand meters

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  • Subject: [GLOBAL-V6] Re: up a few thousand meters
  • From: Takashi Arano <arano at gblx dot ad dot jp>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:13:07 +0900
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    • Daniel,
      I totally agree with you. Address policy and practices 
      should be based on a good balance among various factors
      and past experiences.
      I do believe the current draft with some modifications 
      proposed in this global ML is properly on this way.
      Takashi Arano
      At 20:08 02/02/12, Daniel Karrenberg wrote:
      >    **** Please read Randy's message - again - and once more.
      >I follow the discussions from even higher up than Randy ;-) but
      >they give me a very disturbing and sometimes discouraging sense
      >of deja-vu. Please consider the following -again:
      >- address space, however large, is never quite as infinite as it may seem
      >- V6 per-se does *not at all* solve the routing (table) problem
      >- proper trade-offs between conservation, aggregation 
      >   and ease of obtaining address space are curcuial, 
      >   but not easily achieved/agreed 
      >   and vary with time as technology develops
      >- proper registration data is *crucial* for problem tracking 
      >   and *security*, read: routing authentication
      >- you can only usefully keep registration data at a neutral registry
      >- it is *extremely hard* to clean up registration data that has not
      >   been properly collected and/or maintained
      >We have learned most of this by experience, let's not unlearn it.
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