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      Red Register Loses ICANN Accreditation | Republican lawmakers want answers from ICANN | Africa's liaison to ICANN: Outreach is under way | Domain-name abuse proliferates; rogue registrars turn a blind eye | How registrars tackle domain name abuse | Hathaway: US Feds Starting to Get Cybersecurity | House Cyber Leaders Urge Swift Action
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      Selection mechanism for the remaining IPv4 address space
      Nicholas Weston - INTA tilts at new internationalised GTLDs and ccTLDs coming in 2010
      The New Internet – The Expansion of Top Level Domains - An Update
      GAC Concedes on Second Level Geo-Domains – While Telling ICANN That New gTLDs Need Far More Study
      us: Lieberman, Collins To Unveil Cyber Bill
      Cyber security Tsar needed to lift Australia's defences?
      A Stock With a Virtual Lock on the Internet [sub req'd]
      VeriSign shares may rise despite lawsuit-Barron's
       - ICANN
      Selection mechanism for the remaining IPv4 address space
      On 30 July 2009, ICANN staff divided the remaining unallocated IPv4 /8s into two groups. The first group contains the /8s in which Duane Wessels' 2008 research showed significant unofficial use. The second group contains the /8s which showed less unofficial use.
      The US as Keeper of a 'Free' Internet? by Rudolf Rijgersberg
      The immanent expiration date (September 30) of the joint project agreement between ICANN and the US government, establishing the US as unilateral supervisor over Internet's addressing and Domain Name System (DNS) operations, has rejuvenated the call for an internationalization of Internet oversight. The average Internet user, however, is unlikely to benefit from a change in the current status quo as both alternatives, full privatization and intergovernmental oversight, are bound to affect both the Internet's innovative power and the personal liberties enjoyed by its users.
      Nicholas Weston - INTA tilts at new internationalised GTLDs and ccTLDs coming in 2010
      The Full Employment Act for Domain Name Practitioners, otherwise known as the new gTLDs IDN program proposed by ICANN (the acronym obsessed, global domain name bureaucrats), could be active on the Internet by the end of 2010. Under this program, it is proposed that (in summary), generic, geographical and brand names can be registered to the right of the last dot (for example, .melbourne, .aboriginal, .christian and so on). These may conflict with existing gTLD’s and ccTLD’s and with trade marks in various jurisdictions.
      The New Internet – The Expansion of Top Level Domains - An Update
      Neil Brown has prepared a paper on the coming expansion of the internet. Did you know that ICANN has plans for greatly increasing the number of Top Level Domains? At the present, we have Top Level Domains like .com. and .info. We also have special domains for countries, like .au or .uk. But it seems that virtually every good domain name in these categories is taken.
      GAC Concedes on Second Level Geo-Domains – While Telling ICANN That New gTLDs Need Far More Study
      While the comment period on Version 2 of the Draft Applicant Guidebook (DAG) on new gTLDs officially closed on April 13th ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) weighed in with a 7-page letter dated August 18th
      New Restrictions for Domain Name Resellers are Coming
      Domain name registrar resellers will face new restrictions under ICANN’s new registrar accreditation agreement.
      Resellers subjected to new domain name restrictions
      Domain name resellers have been subjected to new registration rules from ICANN.
       - ccTLD & gTLD NEWS
      .AI Domain Names Now Available to All
      .AI, the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Anguilla has announced .AI domain names are now available for registration by all as of 15 September.
      "30€ for a .BERLIN domain name? Not true!"
      Despite recent Internet rumours to the contrary, no price has yet been set for .BERLIN. But the German city's TLD endeavour is thriving, as we found out from dotBERLIN CEO Dirk Krischenowski.
      Register.BG expands the registration services for domain names 
      From 05.09.2009 Register.BG expands the registration services for domain names in the .bg zone and the sub-zones by giving the opportunity to register Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in Cyrillic. The registration of the IDNs requires the Internet name to be written only in Cyrillic and to contain at least one letter, which can be visually distinguished from the Latin alphabet (one of the letters: б, г, д, ж, и, й, л, п, ф, ц, ч, ш, щ, ь, ъ, ю, я). The updated Terms and Conditions are published at https://www.register.bg.
      Bangkok Joins Growing List of CityTLD Proposals
      Bangkok has joined the growing list of potential applicants for gTLDs when ICANN calls for applications with a proposal for DotBKK.
      .BKK = Bangkok's new TLD
      Add one world city to the growing list of candidates for CityTLDs. Thailand's Bangkok.
      .ca Registry Seeking Feedback on WHOIS Privacy Policy
      The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), which manages the .ca domain name, is soliciting comments on its WHOIS Privacy Policy HERE. Under the Policy, .ca WHOIS search results do not display registrant, administrative or technical contact information for domain names registered by individuals. The registrant, administrative and technical contact information for businesses and other organizations is displayed by default.
      Does the Articulation of Sources for the Administration Of the Domain Name .Co in the Colombian System Means The Inclusion of Colombia in the International Context? (Articulación De Fuentes Para La Administración Del Dominio .Co: ¿Inserción De Colombia En El Entorno Internacional?)
      Abstract: The Law 1065 of 2006, specifically regulated the administration of the domain name .co, and established that this constitutes a resource of public interest of the telecommunications sector, whose administration should be exercised by the Department of Communications as an administrative function, which can be delegated to an individual. The regulation of the administration of the domain.co as an administrative function seems to go against the private nature that conceived the domain
      CZ.NIC demonstrates the advantages of having your own internet domain [news release]
      Internet users who normally use domain names often have no idea of the opportunities afforded by registering their own domains and how to acquire them. The number of domains registered by individuals and organizations in the Czech Republic is therefore significantly lower than in comparable countries in Western Europe. The CZ.NIC Association, administrator of the .cz domain, therefore launches an awareness campaign today, the main objective of which is to highlight the advantages of having your own domain, showing how easy it is to register an internet domain and explain how to take care of and protect it. The campaign, which is aimed at the broader internet public, uses the special microsite, www.dobradomena.cz, for this purpose.
      December date for internationalised .eu domain names
      EURid is pleased to announce that .eu will support IDNs effective 10 December. For the first time, residents of the European Union will be able to register a .eu domain name made up of non-Latin characters.
      IDN's Coming to .EU in December
      EURid, the .EU registry, have announced they will be supporting internationalised domain names (IDNs) as of 10 December 2009.
      EU domain names to support non-Latin characters [sub req'd]
      The European registry for .eu domain names, Eurid has announced that the .eu domain names will support IDNs, effective 10 December.
      Coming to the Internet in 2010: ‘.gay’ domain names
      Spotting a gay-friendly business on the Internet might get a lot easier next year if two GLBT groups have their way. Domain names with the ending “.gay” could start appearing as early as 2010.
      nl: Dispute mediation available from SIDN
      From 1 October 2009, SIDN, the .nl registry, is offering a mediation service. If someone gets involved in a dispute about a .nl domain name, you can ask an SIDN mediator for assistance. The mediation process is intended to help people involved in disputes to find a solution without going to court or referring the case to a dispute resolution lawyer. There is no charge for using the mediation service, which forms part of SIDN’s dispute resolution system for .nl domain names.
      .SE supports Swedish e-mail research
      In its most extensive individual research initiative so far, .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) focuses on supporting the development of reliable e-mail. Over a period of three years .SE is contributing a total of SEK 6 million (approx. € 590,000) to Swedish research projects looking for new methods to scourges such as malware, spyware and spam.
      Nominet Member forum launch
      On Monday 7 September at 2pm we will be launching the Nominet Member Forum. The forum will be replacing our nom-steer mailing list.
      us: Lieberman, Collins To Unveil Cyber Bill
      Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Joseph Lieberman and ranking member Susan Collins over the weekend gave a sneak peek at a Monday hearing intended to examine cybercrime that is directed at small- to medium-sized companies. In a Sunday press release, the pair said the event precedes the introduction of legislation focused on combating high-tech attacks on the private sector. Senate Commerce Chairman John (Jay) Rockefeller and Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, also introduced a broad cyber bill earlier this year.
      Cyber security Tsar needed to lift Australia's defences?
      The appointment of a US-style cybersecurity tsar could be of major benefit to the Australian Government as it looks to increase the security of government infrastructure and data, according to the global CIO of security company Symantec.
      AusCERT: Cybercrime levels are "pandemic"
      The head of Australia's computer emergency response team AusCERT stood before a Federal Government Inquiry into Cybercrime today, seeking both to highlight the pressing need for a national response to the problem whilst simultaneously defending his organisation's role as the nation's first line of defence. ... “If we can solicit the help of the ISPs, the domain name registrars, the people who run the networks, people like ourselves [and] the law enforcement agencies, what we can start to do is make a difference,” Ingram said.
      VeriSign Internet Defense Network Enhanced With New DDoS Monitoring Service [news release]
      VeriSign, Inc. ... announced the launch of a new monitoring-only service for Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. The monitoring service is an extension of the VeriSign Internet Defense Network, a cloud-based DDoS mitigation service introduced earlier this year.
      in: Net domain name battle surfs into a legal web
      Internet domain thefts have become common and so has litigation surrounding it. The Bombay high court recently dealt with two such cases__in the first one, the court upheld the right of the Bombay Stock Exchange over the term "sensex'', which it had coined. In the second, it rejected an application seeking an injunction against a real estate website, with a name similar to another firm, saying generic or common names could not be used as an exclusive domain name.
      NameMedia Wins Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Charge
      SpinsixNameMedia, parent company of BuyDomains, has successfully won a reverse domain name hijacking charge against online marketing firm SpinSix.
      Will Glenn Beck Sue a Defamatory Website in 2009?
      Even though Glenn Beck has a prime spot on cable television to offer up his beliefs, it's sometimes quite hard to understand what his beliefs actually are. For example, as Jon Stewart has pointed out, he believes we have the best healthcare in the world, except when he says it's a nightmare. Or as Politico underscored, he believes that President Obama is a racist, but he doesn't believe that Obama doesn't like white people.
      Oreo Gets Stuffed in Netherlands Domain Dispute
      Kraft Foods Global Brands has lost a dispute over the domain name Oreo.nl. .Nl is the country code domain name for the Netherlands.
      A Stock With a Virtual Lock on the Internet [sub req'd]
      VeriSign lacks the name recognition of some of its Silicon Valley neighbors, but few of those tech peers match its importance in managing the fabric of the Internet. As the exclusive registry of dot-com and dot-net domain names, VeriSign operates like a behind-the-scenes record keeper.
      VeriSign shares may rise despite lawsuit-Barron's
      Master Web address directory holder VeriSign could present an attractive buying opportunity for investors, despite an antitrust lawsuit, Barron's reported on Sunday, citing analysts.
      Barrons: VeriSign’s Domain Registration/Renewal Fee To Drop To $4 A Year?
      A very interesting post on the financial publication Barron’s today discussing VeriSign. In touting its undervalued stock price to investors, Barron’s noted that share prices of VeriSign have underperformed, compared to the stock market, and put the blame squarely on the decision Court of Appeals of in the case of CFIT vs. VeriSign.
      "Google" In Your Domain Name - Bad News
      That great idea you had that involved launching a new SEO company using PwnGoogleRankings.com? Yeah, you probably should have saved the... ...$10 you spent on domain registration fees, because you have approximately zero chance that ICANN will let you keep it.
      Call.com Connects for $1.1 Million at Sedo to Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart
      Sedo rang up the year's 6th reported 7-figure domain sale this past week, banking $1,100,000 for Call.com. Sedo sold the name for Live Current Media who has been selling off their best domains to raise capital. Call.com helped Sedo sweep the first five spots on our weekly Top 20 Sales Chart. They also notched a big six-figure sale with #2 Editor.com at $225,000. Sedo went on to pile up 12 of the 20 chart entries, including 8 of the first 10.
      There is Money in Religion as Christian.com Sells for $600,000
      Another reason to dispel any notion that people might have thinking there is no money in religion was the sale of christian.com for $600,000, a joint sale between Sedo.com and Rick Latona Auctions. This was the biggest Sedo sale of the week to 8 September. The next biggest sale was bestprices.com that sold for $81,000 with no other sales above $50,000.
      Yahoo Adjusts Domain Parking Revenue, Adds Transparency
      YahooYahoo’s new click pricing algorithms kicked in mid-week in the United States, which will likely result in a small decrease in revenue for many domain name owners. Yahoo announced the change last month.
      NY Domainer Get Together – 9/24
      If you live in the New York area, mark your calendars because we are getting together on September 24th at 6:30pm at the Boat Basin on West 79th Street and the Hudson River. There are no special requirements to attend, and there is no admission cost (although it’s a cash bar).
       - German News
      Expired Domains – ICANN muss Policy nachbessern
      Die Internet-Verwaltung ICANN muss beim Schutz von Domain-Inhabern vor versehentlichen Verlusten nachbessern: nach einem Bericht des At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) ist das derzeitige System ungenügend. Die Öffentlichkeit soll sich nun an der Diskussion beteiligen. 
      Internationalisierte .eu-Domains kommen am 10. Dezember
      EURid lässt künftig Adressen mit Akzentbuchstaben und Umlauten zu. Beispiele sind das schwedische å sowie die Umlaute ä, ö und ü. Auch Sprachen, die nicht das lateinische Alphabet verwenden, werden unterstützt.
      Switchplus holt erfahrenen ISP-Crack
      Die Switch-Tochter switchplus, die künftig auf dem freien Markt Dienstleistungen wie Webhosting anbieten will, schlägt erste Pflöcke ein. Und zwar hat man mit René Maurer einen erfahrenen ISP-Manager als Leiter Webservices geholt. Maurer soll bei switchplus die Hosting-Infrastruktur aufbauen und die Produkte entwickeln.
       - French News
      Qui doit contrôler Internet? NKM pas contente !
      On n'en parle pas beaucoup, mais, à la fin du mois, arrivera à expiration un accord qui lie l'Icann, principal organe de régulation du web, au gouvernement américain. Bref, les Etats-Unis vont dire s'il gardent, ou non, le contrôle total d'Internet. Une décision cruciale donc.
      Le .EU accepte les caractères accentués
      C’est officiel. Le 10 décembre 2009, les noms de domaine en .EU accepteront les caractères accentués (IDN). L’annonce a été faite à Bruxelles lors d’une réunion entre bureaux d’enregistrements où le Mailclub était présent.
      «30€ pour un .BERLIN? Tout simplement faux!»
      Malgré de récentes rumeurs, aucun prix de vente n'a encore été fixé pour les noms de domaine en .BERLIN. Le patron de dotBERLIN Dirk Krischenowski fait le point sur le projet.
      Ouverture du .GT fin 2009
      NIC.GT, registre de l’extension géographique du Guatemala annonce l’ouverture de son extension principale, le .GT, à l’enregistrement d’ici fin 2009.
       - Italian News
      La contesa per il governo di Internet è appena ri-cominciata
      Chi governerà la rete ? Il 30 settembre il Dipartimento Usa per il commercio, dovrebbe esprimersi sull’attualità del Joint Project Agreement (JPA), in vigore dal settembre 2006. E’ l’accordo che permette agli Stati Uniti di porre il veto a eventuali modifiche alla governance di Internet. Se nessun paese impugnerà l’accordo, il malcontento strisciante potrebbe sfociare in clamorose proteste.
       - Spanish News
      A partir del 10 de diciembre se registrarán caracteres múltilingües en UE
      EURid, el organismo designado por la UE para gestionar los dominios .eu, ha anunciado hoy el lanzamiento de los dominios multilingües con esta extensión, por lo que a partir del próximo 10 de diciembre se podrán registrar dominios .eu con los caracteres propios de las 23 leguas oficiales de la UE.
      Día Nacional de Cataluña
      El 11 de septiembre es la Fiesta Nacional de Cataluña. Se conmemora la voluntad tenaz de recuperar el gobierno propio, tras la derrota de los catalanes en 1714 a manos del ejército español de Felipe V. Esta Nación, hasta ese momento soberana, perdió sus libertades nacionales, sus instituciones políticas, las leyes propias del país y sufrió la prohibición de la lengua catalana. ... LENGUA Y CULTURA. El catalán, lengua milenaria, se formó entre los siglos VIII y X como evolución del latín, igual al francés, el italiano, el castellano y todas las lenguas románicas; es la 13a en número de hablantes de la Unión Europea. Es oficial en Cataluña; en el Estado español también es lengua oficial del País Valenciano y las Islas Baleares y se habla en la Franja del Poniente, Aragón; también en la Cataluña Norte, sur de Francia; en L’Alguer, Cerdeña y en Andorra, estado donde es lengua oficial única. Es la 10ª más traducida del mundo y se
       enseña en 166 universidades de los cinco continentes y en las 120 Entidades Catalanas del exterior. En Internet, es la única con dominio propio, en 2006 la ICANN autorizó el dominio .cat que cuenta hoy con más de 30.000 dominios registrados.
      NIC Chile participa en plan piloto IPv6 con Google
      NIC Chile comunica su participación en el proyecto "Google over IPv6", que permite el acceso a todos los servicios de Google utilizando enlaces directos a través del nuevo protocolo IPv6, desde las redes de nuestra institución.
       - Portuguese News
      EURid define calendário para domínios ".eu" multilingues
      O EURid reúne esta quinta-feira em Bruxelas com os chamados agentes de registo, para definir o calendário de lançamento dos domínios multilingues com a extensão ".eu".
       - Dutch News
      nl: SIDN bemiddelt in .nl-domeinnaamgeschillen
      SIDN, de .nl-registry, biedt vanaf 1 oktober 2009 de mogelijkheid om gebruik te maken van een mediator als iemand een geschil heeft over een .nl-domeinnaam. Het mediationproces heeft als doel om zonder tussenkomst van een rechter of een geschillenbeslechter tot een oplossing voor het geschil te komen. De kosteloze service maakt onderdeel uit van de populaire Geschillenregeling voor .nl-domeinnamen van SIDN, die verder gewoon blijft bestaan.
      SIDN gaat bemiddelen bij domeinruzies
      De SIDN bemiddelt vanaf 1 oktober gratis in geschillen over .nl-domeinnamen. Ook gaat de stichting gegevens verstrekken bij Notice-and-Take-Down-procedures.
      Mediation bij .nl-domeinnaamgeschillen
      SIDN, de Nederlandse instantie die verantwoordelijk is voor de regsitratie en uitgifte van .nl-domeinnamen, biedt vanaf 1 oktober 2009 de mogelijkheid om gebruik te maken van een mediator als iemand een geschil heeft over een .nl-domeinnaam.
      Notice-and-Take-Down-procedure voor .nl-domeinnamen
      SIDN, de .nl-registry, is één van de initiatiefnemers van de Gedragscode Notice-and-Take-Down. Deze code is in 2008 onder leiding van het NICC tot stand gekomen en biedt tussenpersonen in de internetbranche een procedure voor het omgaan met meldingen van onrechtmatige en strafbare inhoud op websites.
      SIDN biedt mediation aan bij geschil over domeinnaam
      SIDN, de .nl-registry, biedt vanaf 1 oktober 2009 de mogelijkheid om gebruik te maken van een mediator als iemand een geschil heeft over een .nl-domeinnaam.
      Ook non-ASCII-tekens in .eu-domeinnamen
      Vanaf 10 december is het mogelijk om een .eu-domeinnaam te registreren waarin niet-Latijnse lettertekens zijn opgenomen. Voorbeelden hiervan zijn de Zweedse å, de Duitse ü en natuurlijk het Griekse en het Cyrillische alfabet, dat in bijvoorbeeld Bulgarije gebruikt wordt.
      Lancering .eu IDN namen in december van start
      Op 10 december start Eurid (.eu registry) met de lancering van .eu IDN namen. Bij de lancering van deze IDN namen wordt geen sunrise periode voorzien. Houders van een geregistreerde merknaam die speciale tekens bevat, zullen hun naam dus niet eerder kunnen registreren. Alle aanvragen voor IDN namen zullen behandeld worden op een first come, first served basis.
       - Romanian News
      DOSAR CAPITAL.RO: „Americanii pot şterge când vor ei o ţară de pe harta Internetului”
      Organismele statului au înţeles necesitatea reglementării Internetului şi conţinutului generat de utilizatori pentru că pierd monopolul, este concluzia conferinţei susţinute joi seara la Institutul European din România de către Olivier Japiot, directorul general al consiliului superior al audiovizualului din Franţa. Un alt motiv pentru reglementarea spaţiului virtual este teama de terorişti, teama de monopolul american asupra domeniilor de Internet şi problemele legate de economia online. ... Deşi, teoretic, nu are un centru anume, există totuşi cineva care gestionează reţeaua. „Cine a hotărât să înfiinţeze domeniul .ro?”, se întreabă directorul CNA din Franţa. Este vorba despre un mecanism american, ICANN, care din septembrie 2006 a semnat un contract cu Ministerul Comerţului din America, un mare pas spre realizarea unui control deplin şi centralizat asupra identificatorilor de Internet. „Americanii pot oricând vor ei
       să şteargă o ţară de pe harta Internetului pentru că deţin serverul central. Acesta este un subiect geopolitic şi de apărare naţională”, spune Japiot.
      Olivier Japiot: spune ca Statele Unite pot sa stearga orice tara de pe harta Internetului
      ... “Americanii pot oricând vor ei sa stearga o tara de pe harta Internetului, pentru ca detin serverul central. Acesta este un subiect geopolitic si de aparare nationala”, a spus Japiot. Francezul se referea aici la ICANN, mecanismul american care, din septembrie 2006, a semnat un contract cu Ministerul Comertului din America, ceea ce a insemnat un pas major catre realizarea unui control deplin si centralizat asupra identificatorilor de Internet.
       - Arabic News
      نطاقات الانترنت في عامه الأربعين
      احتفل العالم الاربعاء الماضي بعيد الميلاد الاربعين للانترنت الذي شكل بدوره ثورة العصر التقنية, لم يكن الانترنت في بداية انتشاره لعامة الناس في هذا التطور والحجم ففي بدايات الانترنت لم يكن هناك عدد كبير من المواقع على الشبكة ولم تكن فكرة الاعلان او حتى العمل على الانترنت كما في هذه الايام من التطور ولكن الأمر اختلف الأن فأصبح الإعلان والعمل وتقديم خدمات الشركات على الانترنت عنصرا اساسيا عند معظم شركات العالم, وانتشر مواقع المؤسسات 
       - Russian News
      Наш человек в ICANN
      Андрей Колесников, директор "Координационного центра домена RU", стал первым гражданином России, вошедшим в правление "Организации поддержки общих имен" (GNSO). GNSO является частью Интернет-корпорации по присвоению имен и адресов (ICANN) и отвечает за разработку интернет-стандартов и политику в отношении доменов общего пользования, а также способствует расширению международного участия в работе ICANN.
      Материалы местных СМИ. Новая газета в Воронеже
      Гуру рунета привез в наш город Региональный общественный центр интернет технологий (РОЦИТ) - организация, цель которой «облегчение вступления России во всемирную сеть».
      У ряда стран есть подозрения в том, что США могут отключать сегменты Интернета
      У ряда стран есть подозрения в том, что правительство США имеет возможность произвольно отключать те или иные сегменты Интернета, в том числе, национальные домены верхнего уровня. Но, по мнению председателя совета Координационного центра домена .ru Михаила Якушева, такие опасения являются необоснованными.
      Состоялась конференция: Состояние и перспективы развития IP-коммуникаций и IP-сервисов в России
      Перспективы развития российского и международного рынка телекоммуникаций обсудили участники 10-й конференции "Состояние и перспективы развития IP-коммуникаций и IP-сервисов в России: от технологий к потребителям", организованной при поддержке Министерства связи и массовых коммуникаций Российской Федерации общественно-государственным объединением "Ассоциация документальной электросвязи" (АДЭ).
       - Chinese News
      为期四天的第28届亚太网络信息中心开放政策会议(APNIC28)在京圆满落幕,会议成果卓着。本届会议在参会人数之众、跨区域合作规格之高、研讨议题之广等三个方面均创下了APNIC会议有史以来的新纪录。本次会议通过了之前热议的IP地址转移的重要议案,这对合理分配IPv4闲置资源、消除 IPv4地址黑市交易具有重大意义。值得一提的是,在该议案中,采纳了CNNIC专家对地址转移进行审核的建议,这有助于提高IPv4地址的使用率,抑制 IP地址不良囤积行为。
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