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[apops] The CIDR Report

This report has been generated at Fri Apr  3 21:45:43 2020 AEST.
The report analyses the BGP Routing Table as seen within AS131072
and generates a report on aggregation potential within the table.

Check https://www.cidr-report.org/v6 for a current version of this report.

Recent Table History
        Date      Prefixes    CIDR Agg
        27-03-20     83288       47343
        28-03-20     83425       47453
        29-03-20     83454       47426
        30-03-20     83368       47398
        31-03-20     83230       47529
        01-04-20     83557       47622
        02-04-20     83601       47657
        03-04-20     83642       47657

AS Summary
         19289  Number of ASes in routing system
         12388  Number of ASes announcing only one prefix
          2056  Largest number of prefixes announced by an AS
                AS11172: Alestra, S. de R.L. de C.V., MX
      36318243520512 (/18.95) Largest address span announced by an AS (/64s)
                AS7922 : COMCAST-7922, US

Aggregation Summary
The algorithm used in this report proposes aggregation only
when there is a precise match using the AS path, so as 
to preserve traffic transit policies.

 --- 03Apr20 ---
ASnum    NetsNow NetsAggr  NetGain   % Gain   Description

Table      83864    47877    35987    42.9%   All ASes

AS11172     2056       95     1961    95.4%   Alestra, S. de R.L. de C.V.,
AS12479     1436        4     1432    99.7%   UNI2-AS, ES
AS45609     1500      293     1207    80.5%   BHARTI-MOBILITY-AS-AP Bharti
                                               Airtel Ltd. AS for GPRS
                                               Service, IN
AS28573     1214      120     1094    90.1%   CLARO S.A., BR
AS22773     1021       20     1001    98.0%   ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC, US
AS45271     1055      202      853    80.9%   ICLNET-AS-AP Idea Cellular
                                               Limited, IN
AS7552       747        9      738    98.8%   VIETEL-AS-AP Viettel Group, VN
AS32098      745       22      723    97.0%   TRANSTELCO-INC, US
AS39891      663        9      654    98.6%   ALJAWWALSTC-AS, SA
AS33363      667       56      611    91.6%   BHN-33363, US
AS4134       502       30      472    94.0%   CHINANET-BACKBONE
                                               No.31,Jin-rong Street, CN
AS16509     1229      764      465    37.8%   AMAZON-02, US
AS9808       387       10      377    97.4%   CMNET-GD Guangdong Mobile
                                               Communication Co.Ltd., CN
AS30036      549      185      364    66.3%   MEDIACOM-ENTERPRISE-BUSINESS,
AS17622      520      164      356    68.5%   CNCGROUP-GZ China Unicom
                                               Guangzhou network, CN
AS13142      374       39      335    89.6%   MOBIFONE-AS-VN MOBIFONE
                                               Corporation, VN
AS8376       429      133      296    69.0%   Jordan Data Communications, JO
AS9829       471      181      290    61.6%   BSNL-NIB National Internet
                                               Backbone, IN
AS38266      422      138      284    67.3%   VODAFONE-IN Vodafone India
                                               Ltd., IN
AS17552      332       64      268    80.7%   TRUE-AS-AP True Internet
                                               Co.,Ltd., TH
AS55303      310       47      263    84.8%   EAGLENET-AP 60 Market
                                               Square,P.O. Box 364, PH
AS9605       271       14      257    94.8%   DOCOMO NTT DOCOMO, INC., JP
AS13206      258        1      257    99.6%   REALMOVE-AS-AP Realmove
                                               Company Limited, TH
AS24173      258        3      255    98.8%   NETNAM-AS-AP Netnam Company,
AS13361      306       65      241    78.8%   VODAFONE-AS-AP Vodafone
                                               Australia Pty Ltd, AU
AS24158      239        2      237    99.2%   TAIWANMOBILE-AS Taiwan Mobile
                                               Co., Ltd., TW
AS174        329      115      214    65.0%   COGENT-174, US
AS22394      731      529      202    27.6%   CELLCO, US
AS4808       236       35      201    85.2%   CHINA169-BJ China Unicom
                                               Beijing Province Network, CN
AS3462       266       73      193    72.6%   HINET Data Communication
                                               Business Group, TW

Total      19523     3422    16101    82.5%   Top 30 total

Possible Bogus Routes

        2001:df0:2b7::/48    AS9555  VZB-AU-AS Verizon Australia PTY Limited, AU
        2001:df2:9800::/48   AS13331 MAXTECHA-AS Maxtech, IN
        2001:df5:5c00::/48   AS9649  MOPH-TH-AP Information Technology Office, SG
        2002::/16            AS6939  HURRICANE, US
        2400:4f80::/32       AS13314 KONNECTNEPAL-AS-AP Konnect Nepal Networks Pvt Ltd, NP
        2400:e800:1000::/36  AS17564 GITN-PCN-AS-AP GITN (M) Sdn. Bhd., MY
        2401:160c::/32       AS13309 FUSIONNETWORKS-AS-AP Fusion Networks, NZ
        2402:f880::/32       AS64056 KAZILALLC-AS-AP Kazila LLC, AU
        2403:4e00::/32       AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:300::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:301::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:302::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:305::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:306::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:30b::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:30c::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:30d::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:310::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:316::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:319::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2403:4e00:31a::/48   AS45528 TIKONAIN-AS Tikona Infinet Ltd., IN
        2404:a440::/32       AS13603 HDTIDCCLOUD-AS-AP HDTIDC LIMITED, HK
        2404:e601::/48       AS13280 SINGTEL-AS-SCSGKC23 Singapore Telecommunications Limited, SG
        2405:1900::/32       AS45475 AMURINET-NZ Amuri Net, NZ
        2406:8300:2::/48     AS17559 SPECTUM-NON-AP Spectrums Core Network, AU
        2406:9d00::/32       AS58507 WL-AS-AP Wireline, AU
        2602:12e:2003::/48   AS42567 MOJHOST-EU, NL
        2602:ff00::/36       AS23404 RITTERNET, US
        2602:ff42::/36       AS7018  ATT-INTERNET4, US
        2602:ffe5:4::/48     AS8100  ASN-QUADRANET-GLOBAL, US
        2602:fff1:1::/48     AS22625 IMDC-AS22625, US
        2605:a80:1::/48      AS13213 UK2NET-AS, GB
        2605:b4c0:1234::/48  AS25780 HUGESERVER-NETWORKS, US
        2605:d400::/32       AS174   COGENT-174, US
        2606:ae04:8020::/48  AS17224 ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK, US
        2607:f968::/32       AS30600 AS-CMN, US
        2620:0:880::/48      AS29763 -Reserved AS-, ZZ
        2620:0:900::/48      AS4185  ATTIS-ASN4185, US
        2620:38:a00::/48     AS22695 PLAYGROUND, US
        2620:97:4000::/48    AS14244 NSIHOSTING-EQX-VA, US
        2620:108:8002::/48   AS14904 IBMCCH-RTP, US
        2620:108:8005::/48   AS2140  ISSC-AS, US
        2620:108:8006::/48   AS12980 EMEA Hosting Autonomous System, US
        2620:125:9401::/48   AS10780 PURE-STORAGE, US
        2620:125:9444::/48   AS10780 PURE-STORAGE, US
        2620:125:9800::/48   AS10780 PURE-STORAGE, US
        2620:16a0::/48       AS36067 DCX-BGN-TI, US
        2620:16a0:1::/48     AS36067 DCX-BGN-TI, US
        2800:5b00::/32       AS27975 SYNAPSIS COLOMBIA SAS, CO
        2800:ce00::/32       AS14709 Telefonica Moviles Panama S.A., PA
        2801:19c:10::/48     AS14080 Telmex Colombia S.A., CO
        2803:2f40:ffff::/48  AS36351 SOFTLAYER, US
        2803:be80::/32       AS27951 Media Commerce Partners S.A, CO
        2803:d380::/48       AS26368 
        2803:d380:1::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:2::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:3::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:4::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:5::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:6::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:7::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:8::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:9::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:a::/48     AS26368 
        2803:d380:10::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:11::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:12::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:13::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:14::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:15::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:16::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:17::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:18::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:19::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:1b::/48    AS26368 
        2803:d380:100::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:101::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:102::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:103::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:104::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:105::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:106::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:107::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:108::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:109::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:110::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:111::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:112::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:113::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:114::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:115::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:116::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:117::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:118::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:119::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:120::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:121::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:122::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:123::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:124::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:125::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:126::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:127::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:128::/48   AS26368 
        2803:d380:129::/48   AS26368 
        2804:424::/32        AS26241 
        2804:12d4::/32       AS26227 
        2804:155c::/32       AS26338 
        2804:155c::/40       AS26338 
        2804:155c:1::/48     AS26338 
        2804:155c:100::/40   AS26338 
        2804:155c:200::/40   AS26338 
        2804:8bc8::/32       AS27042 WaVe ConnecT, BR
        2805:f10:f12::/48    AS26218 Media Networks Latin America SAC, PE
        2805:f10:f13::/48    AS26218 Media Networks Latin America SAC, PE
        2805:f10:f14::/48    AS26218 Media Networks Latin America SAC, PE
        2c0f:f590::/32       AS36974 AFNET-AS, CI

Please see https://www.cidr-report.org/v6 for the full report

Copies of this report are mailed to: