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[apops] APNIC 52 Conference - Call for Papers


APNIC 52 Conference - Call for Papers

The APNIC Program Committee is now seeking presentations for the APNIC
52 online-only Conference scheduled for September 2021. We are looking
for content that would suit technical sessions.

Please note, the program committee is working to early deadlines so the
APNIC conference program can be announced early.

Key Dates

Call for Presentations Opens     31 May 2021
First Round Acceptance             18 June 2021
Final Deadline for Submissions     16 July 2021
Final Round Acceptance             30 July 2021


Topics for conference sessions must be relevant to Internet operations
and technologies. For possible areas of topics and submission details,
please visit:


Prospective presenters should note that the majority of speaking slots
will be filled well before the final submission deadline. The PC will
retain a limited number of slots up to the final submission deadline
for presentations that are exceptionally timely, important, or of
critical operational importance.

If you have any other ideas or proposals for panel sessions, please
feel free to submit your ideas via the submission system.

If you have any questions, please email the Program Committee at:


On behalf of:
APNIC 52 Program Committee