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[apops] URGENT - TELSTRA ISSUE - [akoch@epic.com: Epic Hosting prefixes impacted by 1221 hijack]

Dear apops,

It seems that for the last few hours Telstra / AS 1221 has been
engaging in BGP hijacking .

There are hundreds of prefixes impacted. Any help or contacts at Telstra
would be appreciated.

Coordination is taking place on IRC: irc.terahertz.net in channel #ix

Kind regards,


----- Forwarded message from Andy Koch <akoch@epic.com> -----

Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2020 20:38:08 +0000
From: Andy Koch <akoch@epic.com>
To: "job@ntt.net" <job@ntt.net>
Subject: Epic Hosting prefixes impacted by 1221 hijack

Hi Job,

You were looking for prefixes impacted by the 1221 hijack.  Epic Hosting (AS10747, AS393841 and AS33208) saw these hijacked: - EPIC-HOSTING-IP-1 - EPIC-HOSTING-IP-2 - EPIC-HOSTING-IP-3 - EPIC-HOSTING-IP-4

Andy Koch | Network Engineer | Epic Hosting
akoch@epic.com<mailto:akoch@epic.com> | (608) 271-9000
Typical Hours: M-F 3pm-midnight CT

----- End forwarded message -----