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[apops] APRICOT 2020 Fellowship programme

Hi everyone,

Fellowships for APRICOT 2020 can now be applied for!  If you meet the
eligibility criteria as per:


please apply via that URL.

Applications close on Monday, 28th October at 23:59 (UTC +8).
Successful candidates will be notified from 22nd November onwards.

The 2020 Programme

APRICOT provides financial support to network operators and engineers
from these developing economies to build their Internet infrastructure
capacity, network with Internet network professionals, and assist
their professional development.

The APRICOT 2020 Fellowship programme is especially interested to
receive applications from qualified candidates living and working
outside the major urban centres in the Asia & Pacific region.

Women are especially encouraged to apply.

What's included

Successful fellows will receive:

 - 100% of the registration fees to either the workshop or conference
 - 100% of the accommodation costs (up to six nights for the workshop
   and up to five nights for the conference)
 - A contribution towards airfare and per diem up to a total of USD 400
   for Australia/New Zealand based fellows and USD 700 for Asia &
   Pacific based fellows.

More information

For more information about the key dates, eligibility and selection
criteria, please visit:


General Guidelines

To help with your application, please provide the information asked
for.  Personal CVs and employer mission statements are not suitable
answers to any of the questions.  Applicants should also seek approval
from their employers before applying, as this will avoid
disappointment later on.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Best wishes,

Rupesh Shrestha, Aftab Siddiqui, Philip Smith
APRICOT Fellowship Committee Chairs