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[apops] update about APRICOT 2019

Hi everyone,

Just some quick updates about APRICOT 2019, for your info.

- early bird special rates finish at the end of this month (Brisbane
time, +10UTC - tomorrow, at the end of the day!), so if you would like
to take advantage, you don't have much time left

- the programme is developing well, and the PC have already accepted
some of the early submissions - the list of presentations accepted is
published here: https://2019.apricot.net/program/presentations/

- the PC is always on the look out for more content - if you have
something technical & operational relevant to the Internet industry
you'd like to share, please submit your presentation or tutorial
proposal via the APRICOT 2019 website.

- the APRICOT fellowship committee has completed their selection work,
and we are awaiting the confirmations from the successful applicants.

We will of course be holding the regular APOPS sessions after the
Opening Plenary on Monday 25th February, and prior to the Peering Forum
on Tuesday 26th February. We are always on the look out for outstanding
presentations which are informative for the whole community to occupy
those timeslots.

Best wishes!