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[apops] SAFNOG-4/EANOG/tzNOG: 4 Days To Go!

Hi all.

With just about 4 days to go until the 4th edition of the SAFNOG meeting, in collaboration with EANOG and tzNOG, we are geared for an exciting week in warm & sunny Dar Es Salaam.

The agenda will cover key topics for the region, such as:
  • Is Africa's continued telecommunications investment into Europe wise for the continent?
  • Data centre infrastructure development in the region.
  • What the recent IRR changes at RIPE mean for Africa.
  • The advances of IPv4 brokers into Africa, using AFRINIC very own resources in doing so.
  • e.t.c.

More details about the meeting, registration, venue and agenda at:


If you haven't yet, please register your attendance to join us next week.

We look forward to seeing you all there.


Mark Tinka
On Behalf of the SAFNOG-4/EANOG/tzNOG Organizing Committee