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      Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
      Perth, Australia Feb 22 - Mar 3, 2006

      The APRICOT 2006 Program Committee is seeking interested and
      qualified Track Chairs to actively assist the Committee in
      recruiting speakers and organizing technical tracks for the 2006
      Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational

      The main responsibility of the Track Chair is to identify and
      recruit high quality speakers to share their expertise on
      operationally relevant topics. As in past years, the APRICOT
      Program Committee will issue a general call for presentations,
      which typically elicits a large number of submissions. These
      proposals will be provided to the Track Chairs for consideration,
      but it is expected that the Track Chairs will primarily use their
      own personal networks to recruit speakers who may not have
      participated in past APRICOT events.

      Specific Track Chair responsibilities include:

      * Identifying and describing a track topic and relevant
      potential track components (panel discussions, pro/con
      debates, etc.) within the track that will be interesting and
      valuable to the APRICOT audience. Preliminary Track
      descriptions are due at the time of nomination, or by June 15,

      * Helping to publicize and recruit speakers, session moderators,
      and participants for their track and the conference in

      * Vetting and recommending speakers and their subjects for their
      Track to the Program Committee. Detailed Track content
      recommendations are due on August 29, 2005.

      * Requiring and confirming that speakers submit their proposed
      materials in a timely manner. Track chairs should submit
      speaker recommendations and abstracts to the Program Committee
      by September 26, 2005. Selected speakers will be announced by
      the Program Committee on or before October 10, 2005.

      * Evaluating submitted materials for content and quality
      suitable for an international technical/operations
      conference. Track chairs should submit full/detailed
      presentation outlines to the Program Committee by November 7,

      * Serving as a liaison between the Program Committee and the
      selected participants in your Track. Track chairs should
      submit all complete presentation materials to the Program
      Committee by January 9, 2006.

      * This year we will require that speakers must supply their
      program material in advance so that we can confirm operational
      content and that there is not inappropriate sales material.

      * Track Chairs are members of the APRICOT Program Committee and
      will share the responsibility of determining overall program
      issues and planning. Track Chairs are encouraged to help find
      speakers for other tracks and tutorials as well.

      Workshop Chair and Tutorial Chair

      These positions are similar to the Track Chairs described above,
      but will be responsible for recruiting and facilitating
      instructors for five-day and half-day/full day instructional
      tutorials, respectively.

      A total of 5-6 Track Chairs will be selected by the Program
      Committee, along with a Tutorial Chair and Workshop Chair, with
      the expectation that 4-6 Tracks will ultimately be scheduled for

      Please feel free to nominate yourself or someone other than
      yourself who might be appropriate for either of these
      positions. The deadline for receiving Conference Track and
      Tutorial Track Chair nominations is May 2, 2005. Results of the
      selection process will be announced by May 18, 2005.


      The APRICOT audience is mainly comprised of technical network
      operators and professional engineers with experience levels
      ranging from (almost) newbie to seasoned, senior technical
      management. APRICOT audiences always include native speakers of
      a dozen or more languages, so written materials and
      presentations should be tuned appropriately. Each year, the
      majority of APRICOT attendees travel internationally and commit
      considerable sums relative to their local economies to
      participate in APRICOT; they expect the highest possible quality
      in presentation content and delivery.


      Historically, tutorials have focused on core operational skills
      and basic protocol knowledge, with conference sessions
      highlighting day-to-day operations and recent/emerging issues
      within a 12-18 month time horizon.

      APRICOT Conference Tracks are full-day events. Each Track
      typically encompasses three 90-minute Sessions composed of 3-4
      presenters (speakers) per session; accordingly each presentation
      should be designed to be approximately 20-30 minutes in
      duration. On the recommendation of the Track Chair, individual
      Sessions may be moderated by persons with expertise appropriate
      to the subject matter of the session. Session Moderators may
      assist in managing speaker time and soliciting questions from
      the audience.

      APRICOT Tutorials are half or full day workshops which focus on
      a particular subject in-depth. They may be presented by a single
      Instructor, or a team of instructors working together. Tutorial
      attendance is typically charged separately from APRICOT
      conference attendance, so it is essential that tutorials are of
      the highest quality and deliver concrete operational value to

      The above descriptions are suggestions only, based on past
      successful program offerings. Prospective Track and Tutorial
      Chairs are encouraged to suggest alternative schedules or
      structures for organizing Conference Tracks and Tutorials to the
      APRICOT Program Committee.


      APRICOT is a TECHNICAL and OPERATIONAL conference. Marketing and
      commercial content is limited to the appropriate fora (e.g.,
      designated demo areas, "Beer 'n Gear" events) and otherwise
      restricted from the official program. The Program Committee and
      Track Chairs are charged with maintaining the technical
      standards of APRICOT, and will therefore not accept
      inappropriate materials. To the greatest extent possible, all
      official conference materials will be designed and presented in
      a vendor neutral format. APRICOT attendees are technical
      professionals, and proposed conference materials should be
      appropriate to the audience. All sessions will provide time for
      Q&A, and presenters should be prepared to receive detailed
      technical questions, and to provide appropriately detailed
      technical responses.

      The APRICOT Program Committee reserves the right withdraw
      speaking invitations or to disallow presentations that are
      inconsistent with the goals and standards set forth in this call
      for proposals.


      APRICOT is a not-for-profit event. Every effort is made to keep
      attendances fee low in order to reach diverse target groups from
      both the developed and developing countries of the Asia Pacific
      region. Registration fees are waived for all Track Chairs,
      Tutorial instructors, and Speakers, however it is generally
      impossible for APRICOT to underwrite travel expenses for
      speakers. Only in exceptional hardship circumstances will
      APRICOT be able to consider assisting Track Chairs or Tutorial
      instructors with travel expenses. A small number of conference
      fellowships will be made available (on the basis of personal and
      local need) to prospective conference attendees from Asia
      Pacific region; additional information about these fellowships
      is available at http://www.2006.apricot.net/fellowship.html


      02 May 2005: Receive all Track, Workshop, and
      Tutorial Chair nominations
      18 May 2005: Track Chair selections announced
      15 June 2005: Basic Track outlines submitted by Track
      Chairs to Program Committee General
      Presentation RFP distributed by
      Program Committee
      29 August 2005: Initial presentation proposals submitted by
      Track Chairs to Program Committee
      26 September 2005: Final presentation proposals submitted by
      Track Chairs to Program Committee
      10 October 2005: Approved presentation tracks announced by
      Program Committee Selected APRICOT 2006
      Presenters notified;
      07 November 2005: Detailed presentations outlines
      submitted by Track Chairs to Program
      Committee Conference Track schedules finalized
      09 January 2006: Full presentation materials submitted by
      Track Chairs to Program Committee
      22 February 2006: APRICOT 2006 Workshops begin (through 26 February)
      27 February 2006: APRICOT 2006 Conference Begins


      If you would like to be considered as a TRACK CHAIR, please copy the
      following form, fill it in and email it to

      mailto:chair.submission at apricot dot net

      If you know of someone else that you believe would make a good
      Track Chair, please forward this email to them and encourage
      them to submit the form, or fill in as much of the form as you
      can and include your contact info in the section for the
      "Nominator" and email it to mailto:program at apricot dot net with the word
      "Nomination" in the subject line.


      (If nominating another person, please put your info here, if you
      are doing this for yourself you do not need to fill in this

      Nominator Name:
      Nominator Title:
      Nominator Voice Phone:
      Nominator Fax:
      Nominator email:

      (This should be info about the person who would be the Track Chair)
      First (Given) Name:
      Middle Name:
      Last (Family) Name:

      Company / School / Affiliation:
      Organization URL:


      Voice Phone: Extension:
      Personal URL:

      Short Bio (please include enough information that we can determine
      that you are would be qualified as a track chair):

      Please also include a photo if possible.

      Assistant Name (Person who may be administratively submitting this for
      the speaker or someone who is an alternate contact for

      Assistant Title:
      Assistant Voice Phone:
      Assistant Fax:
      Assistant email:

      (Select or suggest one or more Track subject you would be interested in Chairing):

      * Network security
      * Address planning, conservation, responsibility, IPv6
      * Network planning, management and traffic engineering
      * Operation, NOC, Help desk and issues in deploying Internet Infrastructure
      * Internet exchanges, peering and collocation
      * Hot topics in future network protocols and techniques
      * BIND, DNSSEC, and Reverse and multilingual DNS
      * Broadband first/last mile access technologies
      * Mobile and wireless technologies
      * Content, Applications, Email, streaming and multimedia infrastructure
      * Service and server scaling, Redundancy and reliability, Open source
      * VoIP
      * Other Describe:

      Please put down any other thoughts, suggestions, ideas or comments:


      More information on the conference will be made available at

      Thanks for your interest in APRICOT 2006!

      Robert J. Berger, Chair (rberger at ibd dot com)
      Tom Vest, Co-Chair (tvest at pch dot net)
      APRICOT 2006 Program Committee