[apops] APRICOT 2004 : Speakers for Peering and Internet Exchange Track

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  • Date: Tue, 02 Dec 2003 11:04:40 -0800
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    • Hi all -

      You may have heard that there will be a new one-day track on Peering and Internet Exchanges at the upcoming APRICOT in Kuala Lumpur. I'd like to describe the track in brief and solicit a few more Peering Coordinators / Network Architects / Network Engineers as speakers for the track. (See http://www.apricot2004.net/ for information on the broader APRICOT 2004 conference).

      This Peering and Internet Exchange Track is intended to facilitate regional ISP Peering by providing a forum for Peering Coordinators to meet each other and share information about Asia Pacific peering. We will facilitate this with several panels, each one focused on peering in a particular country. If you are a Peering Coordinator with experience peering in the AP Region, please send me an e-mail answering the questions below. I will use this information to match panelists together into panels focused on certain AP countries.



      --------------------------- Speaker Questionnaire ------------------------------------
      If you are able and willing to speak at the Feb 2004 APRICOT Peering and Internet Exchange Track, please fill out the following form and e-mail to William B. Norton at wbn at umich dot edu:

      Name: __________________
      Title: ___________________
      Company: _______________ AS # _________________
      In what country do you live? _________________
      Email Address: __________________

      We will select a set of panelists based on the answers to the questions below:
      1) In what countries do you peer?

      2) In which AP Country do you have peering experiences that you can share with the audience?

      3) Answer as many of the questions below as applicable, as you would present as part of your presentation…

      a) We are looking for speakers that have found interesting or unique country peering ecosystem characteristics. Have you uncovered any unexpected or interesting/unique peering ecosystem characteristics in any of the countries where you peer? Please give a few examples.

      b) We are also looking for unusual or unexpected traffic patterns. For example, a large amount of Japan traffic is ultimately destined to and from Brazil! Identifying and explaining this type of inter-country traffic would be a good set of data to launch a presentation. Do you have any of this type of data that you can share?

      c) What are the problems and challenges that you face as you build peering infrastructure into various AP countries?

      d) If other Peering Coordinators follow your footsteps into regions in which you now peer, what would you tell them:
      · is information that you would have liked to have had?
      · Are unexpected problems that you faced?

      e) What are the emerging trends that you see in the peering ecosystems in which you operate (transit and transport prices going up or down and the implications as you see them).

      William B. Norton <wbn at equinix dot com> 650.315.8635
      Co-Founder and Chief Technical Liaison Equinix, Inc.