[apops] SANOG / IT Conference Program & Fellowship Announcement

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  • Subject: [apops] SANOG / IT Conference Program & Fellowship Announcement
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 09:11:08 +0545
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      The program for SANOG / IT Conference is being announced. We 
      are looking forward towards huge participation specially from the 
      South Asian region. details at www.itconference.org.np
      Please spread the word. 
      Conference Announcement - IT Conference 2003/ SANOG
      Computer Association of Nepal announces the program for the 
      upcoming CAN IT Conference 2003 and South Asian Network 
      Operators Group (SANOG) I Meeting to be held in the picturesque 
      city of Kathmandu. The event is scheduled for 23-28 January, 
      2003. A fellowship program, sponosred by the association to enable 
      people from around the region to participate in the conference, is 
      also being annouced. 
      The Conference program includes six days of non-stop technology 
      show, tutorials, and conference sessions. The conference will have 
      tutorials on BGP, DNS, DNS Security, IPv6, IXPs, Advanced 
      routing concepts and development, Distributed computer and 
      network security, XML, Unicode devngarai implementation, QoS in 
      ISP networks, MPLS and Computer aided Film editing. APNIC 
      training on IP Address management in the Asia Pacific region will 
      also be conducted during the conference. The two days of 
      conference will have different panel sessions on unsolicited 
      commercial e-mails, open source and security. The conference will 
      see more than 20 papers presented in the two days. 
      Keynote Speakers. 
      "Operational Stability of the Internet": Kurt Erik Lindqvist, Netnod, 
      Kurt Krik Lindqvist, known more as Kurtis, is the CEO of Netnod 
      (which establishes and operates National Internet Exchange Points 
      in Sweden), based in Stockholm. He is indirectly responsible for 
      much of stability of Internet in Europe, through his current position 
      and also through involvement at RIPE  and NordNOG. Kurtis is 
      also one of the key member of the IETF IPv6 working group.  
      At IT Conference / SANOG he will also do a tutorial on IPv6 - the 
      next generation Internet protocol.
      "Future of IP Addressing" :Paul Vixie, Internet Software Consortium 
      (ISC), Principal author of BIND,
      Paul Vixie, DNS guru, known more as the 'father of BIND' is a very 
      well known name in the Internet World. Paul is the principal author 
      of BIND, that runs most DNS servers on the Internet. His expertise 
      on DNS and internet naming is ultimate in the area. He is also 
      responsible for the operation of the F-Root-Server. 
      At IT Conference / SANOG, he will do a tutorial on DNS and DNS 
      security. He is also a panelist in the session on SPAM.
      The conference program,  and information about registration and 
      fellowship is available online at www.itconference.org.np. 
      | Gaurab Raj Upadhaya                            
      | GPO BOX 13655, Kathmandu, Nepal, +977 1 499 393
      | gaurab at lahai dot com , www.lahai.com