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  • From: Philip Smith <pfs at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002 19:21:51 +1000
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    • Just a reminder, we will be holding an election at the start of the 
      Exchange Point SIG Meeting to appoint chair and co-chair for the SIG. If 
      you are interested, and will be attending the SIG Meeting, please let me 
      know. (If you have already indicated your interest, I know about you, and 
      you are listed as a potential candidate.)
      (SIG Chair isn't too much hard work, basically you will have to arrange the 
      agenda for the SIG meeting every 6 months, obviously chair the SIG Meeting, 
      and deal with any administrivia relating to the SIG.)
      best wishes!
      At 16:35 17/12/2001 +1000, Philip Smith wrote:
      >Apologies for any duplicates...
      >            Call For Presentations for the APNIC Exchange Point SIG
      >                                           Philip Smith
      >                                           acting SIG Chair
      >The first meeting of the APNIC IX SIG will be held in Bangkok on Tuesday 
      >5th March during the APNIC track of APRICOT 2002 (www.apricot2002.net). 
      >This SIG is an open forum to discuss Exchange Point Operational and 
      >Technical issues within the Asia Pacific region.
      >This e-mail is a request for contributions. I'm looking for presentations 
      >of relevance from Exchange Point operators or anyone else who has an 
      >interest in the operation of IXes in the Asia Pacific region. Ideally 
      >these presentations would be short reports on your Exchange Point, giving 
      >status, membership numbers, joining procedures and any other information 
      >you might think is interesting to the community.
      >For those who are looking for ideas for presentations, may I refer you to 
      >RIPE's EIX-WG, a successful Forum for discussing Exchange Point issues 
      >within RIPE's region. More info is at 
      >If you would like to take part in this SIG with a presentation, please 
      >send your proposal to pfs at cisco dot com, cc'ing sig at apnic dot net. Proposals 
      >should be sent no later than Monday 7th of January, 2002.
      >                             Requirements
      >The proposal:
      >    - should be relevant to this special interest group,
      >    - be no more than 1000 words, and
      >    - should indicate the time required (I expect that a time limit of 10 
      > minutes per presentation will be set)
      >The tentative schedule is
      >    7 January    Proposal deadline
      >    11 January   Notification of Acceptance
      >    15 February  Presentation slides submitted to APNIC & SIG Chair
      >    5 March      Presentation of paper at SIG
      >Comments are welcomed and appreciated.
      >Philip Smith
      >APNIC IX SIG acting chair
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