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    • FYI, or if you know of anyone who would be interested in the APRICOT 
      Fellowship programme.
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      >Subject: [APRICOT2002] APRICOT 2002 Fellowship Application Deadline is on 
      >13th Jan 2002
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      >Dear all:
      >If you want to participate in the APRICOT2002 as a fellow, please send your
      >application to fellowcom at apricot2002 dot net. The application deadline is 13th
      >Jan 2002.
      >ByungKyu Kim
      >APRICOT2002 Fellowship Program
      >Fellowship Program (http://www.apricot2002.net/fellowship/)
      >The APRICOT Fellowship Programme supports attendance at APRICOT by key
      >participants from developing countries, who may otherwise not be able to
      >attend. It provides part funding and free registration for selected
      >applicants, who are encouraged to participate fully in APRICOT workshops,
      >tutorials and conference sessions.
      >The fellowship membes will be provided with reasonable (local host standard)
      >food, accommodation, allowance and complimentary attendance to the
      >conference, tutorials, and all social events.
      >There will be Fellowship for Thais please CLICK
      >Criteria for Selection
      >The APRICOT 2002 Fellowship Committee will select fellowship members
      >according to the following criteria. The criteria are designed to provide
      >support to those applicants with the most potential to benefit, as well as
      >fairness and transparency in the selection process.
      >Candidates are sought from developing countries, who play any of the
      >following roles in their countries:
      >   a..  Network builders (designers, engineers and support staff)
      >   b..  Internet educators (teachers and lecturers at secondary and tertiary
      >   c..  Top decision makers in Government, education, NGO and commercial
      >While it is expected that the majority of candidates will be selected from
      >the Asia Pacific region, candidates from other regions may also apply.
      >The Fellowship Committee will favour candidates who demonstrate their
      >potential to benefit by participating in APRICOT 2002. It is expected that
      >successful candidates will contribute to APRICOT in the future as
      >participants, presenters or trainers; and also by nominating suitable
      >applicants for the Fellowship Programme in future years.
      >If you want to be supported by our program, please provide details as
      >required in the application form and send it to APRICOT2002 Committee at
      >fellowcom at apricot2002 dot net
      >Fellowship Committee
      >The Fellowship Committee includes the following individuals, all of whom
      >have had a long association with APRICOT and with Internet development in
      >the region:
      >   1.. Dr. Byung-Kyu Kim, KRNIC, Korea (Chair)
      >   2.. Dr. Pichet Durongkaweroj, NECTEC, Thailand
      >   3.. Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasut, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
      >   4.. Mr. Vijay Parmar, APDIP, Malaysia
      >   5.. Dr. Kwan Siththani, NECTEC, Thailand
      >   6.. Mr. Paul Wilson, APNIC, Australia
      >   7.. Prof. Xing Li, APNG, China
      >   The role of the Committee is:
      >     a..  to develop the APRICOT2002 Fellowship Programme;
      >     b..  to attract funders and sponsors to support the programme;
      >     c..  to determine the number of applicants and the funding allocations
      >to each;
      >     d..  to select the successful candidates;
      >     e..  to prepare for the next Fellowship Programme;
      >The Fellowship Programme and Committee are supported by the APRICOT 2002
      >Secretariat, NECTEC, the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
      >of Thailand.
      >Deadlines and Applications
      >The relevant deadlines for this programme are:
      >       Public announcement :   8th Nov 2001
      >       Application deadline (first round) :   13th Jan 2002
      >       Selection deadline (first round) :   20th Jan 2002
      >       Application deadline (second round) :   1st Feb 2002
      >       Selection deadline (second round) :   8th Feb 2002
      >Please email application for the Committee to fellowcom at apricot2002 dot net
      >APRICOT2002 Fellowships for Thais
      >Good news for all local (Thai) Internet/network engineers, network builders
      >and decision makers!! A limited number of local fellowships are available
      >for applications by suitably qualified Thais to attend APRICOT2002 which
      >will be held at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), Bangkok
      >from 27 Feb-7 Mar 2002. These fellowships are meant to attract network
      >builders and Internet decision makers who cannot afford the fees to attend
      >the APRICOT conference and tutorials. (Successful outstanding fellowships
      >may also qualify for accomodation in Bangkok, together with other foreign
      >Those interested please submit your applications stating the following:
      >   Name, Address, Email
      >   Position
      >   Work experience and areas of interest
      >   Motivation to participate (a short write-up stating why you want to attend
      >Please send all applications via email to :
      >Email: fellowcom at apricot2002 dot net
      >Website: http://www.apricot2002.net
      >Tel: +66-2-6351090 & 1
      >Fax: +66-2-6351094
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