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  • Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 00:15:08 +1000 (EST)
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    • On Fri, 19 Oct 2001, George Michaelson wrote:
      > In a twisted sense, since the parent record at ARIN has effectively got
      > spambot at arin dot net as the email address for coordinator, its possible they
      > argue we are at fault.
      > I have discussed this informally with ARIN staff, and with RIPE staff
      > at NANOG meetings. The value of the email address for the /8s is really
      > marginal. But, for somebody in a reductionist state of mind, we could be
      > judged to be non-compliant.
      That appears to be the, er, "thinking".  Their response to me enquiry as
      to the listing of 202/7 being serious:
      It's very serious, since APNIC can't get their ARIN contact handle 
      configured properly....
      [whois -h | head]
      I honestly can't fathom the logic.  There's a whole whois server
      referenced (although the response "conveniently" didn't list that bit of
      the whois output.
      > What do people think? Arguably, we should wear the spam. Obviously I prefer
      > not. And yes, for the level of activity the whois trollers on the edge 
      > represent when attempting to complain about real abuse, I do regard them as
      > spammers. they share many traits:
      > 1) they randomly cc huge lists of addresses in their complant.
      > 2) they do not appear to even read the record, its robotic responses
      > 3) clue density appears low.
      > I wish I knew the answer. 
      FWIW, I think your current position is defensible.
      I'm astonished that any mail server operator would take these clowns
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