[apops] Re: APNIC Internet Exchange Point SIG

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  • Subject: [apops] Re: APNIC Internet Exchange Point SIG
  • From: Philip Smith <pfs at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 04:11:28 +1000
  • Cc: Hideo Ishii <hishii at gblx dot ad dot jp>
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    • Hi,
      Given the considerable interest which has been expressed in being the chair 
      for the new IX SIG, can I suggest that it might be better if we delay 
      appointing a chair until the first meeting of the SIG in March during 
      APRICOT 2002?
      In the meantime Hideo and I will look after sorting out an agenda for the 
      first meeting next March. First item obviously will be to elect a chair and 
      Thanks to everyone for their interest. This is clearly a very popular 
      topic! :-)
      At 19:53 04/10/2001 +1000, Philip Smith wrote:
      >You may recall that at the last APOPS session during the APNIC meeting in 
      >Taipei we heard reports from several exchange points and had some 
      >discussion on IXPs within the AP region.
      >Following on from this, Hideo Ishii and I requested that APNIC consider 
      >forming an IXP Special Interest Group as there was clear interest in the 
      >whole topic. I proposed this at the APNIC plenary and the audience agreed 
      >that this was a good idea.
      >The SIG mailing list will be created very soon now, but in the meantime 
      >I'd like to ask for volunteers who would be willing to be chair or 
      >co-chair of the Special Interest Group. As with the other APNIC SIGs, the 
      >chair or co-chair is expected to pull the agenda together for the SIG 
      >meeting, and obviously chair the meeting during the 6-monthly APNIC 
      >conferences... Some work is involved, so would suit motivated IXP 
      >operators or supporters... :-)
      >Anyone who is interested, please let either Hideo Ishii or me know.
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