[apops] Call for contributions for APOPS meeting

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  • Subject: [apops] Call for contributions for APOPS meeting
  • From: Philip Smith <pfs at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:55:59 +1000
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    • Hi,
      Following on from the successful APOPS BoF held at APRICOT 2001 in Kuala 
      Lumpur, Hideo Ishii and I would like to invite you to the first APOPS 
      meeting. The meeting will take place during the APNIC Open Policy Meeting, 
      to be held at The Grand Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, from Tuesday 28th to 
      Friday 31st August 2001. The provisional date and time for the APOPS 
      meeting is Wednesday 29 August, 6:00 to 7:30 pm.
      This e-mail is also a call for contributions, or expression of interest in 
      making a contribution. The theme obviously is operational, so we would like 
      to encourage contributions covering operational issues in the AP region. 
      Topics which we would find especially interesting would include:
      - reports and information sharing from exchange point operators in the AP 
      - reports and information sharing from the in-country operations groups in 
      the AP region
      - operational reports from service providers, new technology deployments, &c.
      We would prefer for topics which are already being covered by the APNIC 
      Special Interest Groups to be directed towards the SIGs rather than being 
      proposed for APOPS. However, all contributions will be most welcome.
      The deadline for contributions is the 3rd of August.
      Thanks very much!
      Philip Smith & Hideo Ishii
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