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      Call for Nominations
      Asia-Pacific Representatives to the ASO Address Council
      This is a call for nominations of individuals from the Asia Pacific region,
      to serve on the ASO Address Council. During October 2001, one Asia-Pacific
      Address Council seat will become vacant, and will be filled for the next
      three years by an individual nominated through this open call. The selection
      process will involve an open election to be held during the APNIC Open
      Policy Meeting, in Taipei, Taiwan, from 28 to 31 August 2001.
      This document describes the functions of the ASO and the Address Council, as
      well as the nomination and selection processes. If you are interested in
      nominating an individual, or if you are interested in being nominated as a
      member of the Address Council, please read this document carefully.
      1. The Address Supporting Organisation
      The ASO was formed in August 1999 as a consensus-based advisory body within
      the ICANN Framework, though a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by
      the current Regional Internet Registries and ICANN.
      The ICANN Bylaws (http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#VI-A) assign to
      the ASO the responsibility for the development of global policies relating
      to the distribution and registration of Internet address space, inter-domain
      routing identifiers and that part of the DNS name space that is used to name
      these addresses and identifiers.
      More information about the ASO is available at: http://www.aso.icann.org
      2. The Address Council
      The ASO Address Council co-ordinates the process of policy development in
      areas within the responsibility of the ASO, according to procedures defined
      within the MoU and by the AC itself. Specifically, these include the hosting
      of an annual open General Assembly meeting, and attending regular meetings
      by teleconference or in person at which policy issues and submissions may be
      The other major responsibility of the Address Council is the appointment of
      individuals to fill ASO seats on the ICANN Board of Directors, according to
      procedures defined within the MoU.
      More information on the Address Council is available at:
      3. The Role of Members of the Address Council
      Members of the Address Council do not represent any RIR, nor do they act as
      representatives of any other body. They are appointed in their individual
      capacity, and their membership cannot be proxied by any other individual or
      No member of the Address Council is entitled to any compensation from the
      ASO. No member can be indemnified by the ASO, nor can the ASO obtain
      insurance coverage relating to the liability of the actions of members of
      the Address Council.
      4. Address Council Nominations Process
      Through this nomination process, one individual from the Asia Pacific Region
      will be selected to serve on the Address Council for three years, replacing
      Jianping Wu who has served as an initial AC member for the past 2 years. The
      selection will be made though an open election from the set of individuals
      who have been nominated within this process.
      Any individual may be nominated, with the exception of any staff member of
      any Regional Internet Registry. Self-nominations are permitted.
      Nominations should be sent by email to <nominations at apnic dot net>, by midnight
      GMT on 31 July 2001.
      The information included with the nomination is to be in English and should
          Name of Nominee:
          Country of residence:
          Email Address:
          Postal Address:
          Biographical information:
          Motivation for nomination:
          Name of nominating individual:
          Email Address:
      All nominees will be contacted via email to confirm their willingness to
      serve on the Address Council. If a nominee is not contactable via email, or
      does not respond, then their nomination will not be confirmed and they will
      not be eligible for election to the Address Council.
      All confirmed nominations will be listed on the APNIC web site after they
      are confirmed. All nominees will have the opportunity to submit a written
      statement in support of their nomination, for publication on the web site.
      In addition, others may express support for nominated individuals simply by
      completing and submitting the nomination form provided above.
      5. Address Council Selection Process
      The process for selection of the nominee to serve on the Address Council
      will involve an open election to be held during the APNIC Open Policy
      Meeting, in Taipei, Taiwan, from 28 to 31 August 2001 (on a specific date to
      be announced).
      It is not necessary for nominees to attend this meeting in order to be
      elected, but an opportunity will be provided for nominees who are present to
      address the meeting prior to the election and make a statement supporting
      their nomination.
      More information on this meeting is available at:
      This announcement will be made available at: http://www.apnic.net/news
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