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  • Date: Sat, 2 Dec 2000 15:31:01 +0800
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    • This is in response to Philip's mail on the routing SIG.
      I find that the ISP's with the best routing within AP are Telcos - economics
      I perhaps.  I buy transit from PH telcos and from US ISP's, from poking around
      the routing tables adjust the preference to use the telcos for the AP networks
      they can reach directly without passing through the US.
      I was wondering if it were feasible for others to do the same as a best
      practice, if their AP link is not too congested.  I find some ISP's have
      transit from a US ISP/telco and an AP telco, but do AS-path prepends on the
      peering with the telco such that it is used as a backup route.
      Could they make an exception (local preference) and use the AP telco for 
      connecting to other AP AS's/networks that are directly reachable?
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