Re: [apops] using NTP/etc to measure n/w latency?

  • To: "Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC)" <henk at ripe dot net>
  • Subject: Re: [apops] using NTP/etc to measure n/w latency?
  • From: "Robert B. Cohen" <bcohen at bway dot net>
  • Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 17:47:31 -0400
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    • Is there any way to measure traffic volumes on specific circuits with
      this, not
      just delays?
      Bob Cohen
      "Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC)" wrote:
      > Neale,
      > > At 21:28 29/09/00 +1100, Neale Banks wrote:
      > > >Does anyone have any pointers to using the likes of NTP to sample network
      > > >latency?
      > On Mon, 2 Oct 2000, Philip Smith wrote:
      > > You could check out the Test Traffic project run by the RIPE NCC. More info
      > > at It's some what more
      > > sophisticated than using NTP though...
      > If you are still interested in this, then it might be good to know that
      > since last Friday, we're offering our measurement devices ("Test-boxes")
      > (as well as a service for operating them) to everybody, against the cost
      > of the hardware,
      > Please see the attached mail for details, mail me if you have any further
      > questions,
      > Henk
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      > Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 15:17:10 +0200 (CEST)
      > From: "Henk Uijterwaal (RIPE-NCC)" <henk at ripe dot net>
      > To: tt-host at ripe dot net, tt-wg at ripe dot net, ripe-list at ripe dot net
      > Subject: RIPE NCC Test-boxes and Test Traffic Measurements Service
      > Dear colleagues,
      > (Apologies for any duplicate mails).
      > The New Projects group at the RIPE NCC is pleased to announce that 25 new
      > test-boxes have been delivered, tested and are ready to be installed at
      > your site. More test-boxes will be assemble as soon as these 25 machines
      > have been shipped. These test-boxes measure delays and losses on the
      > Internet by sending time-stamped packets to each other. A more detailed
      > description is available in RIPE document 209 (see below).
      > At this moment, we are also moving the Test Traffic Measurements from an
      > experimental product to a regular membership service offered by the RIPE
      > NCC.  Under this service, the RIPE NCC will operate the test-box and
      > analyze the measurement data for you.  With the introduction of this
      > service, 2 restrictions will be removed:
      >   * The TTM service will be available to everybody interested, not just
      >     the current LIR members,
      >   * Any organization can apply for more than 1 test-box, and, for example,
      >     install a box at every major PoP.
      > Another change is that you will have to pay for the hardware of the boxes.
      > A test-box currently costs 2750 Euro.  This includes the installation
      > costs, but does not include shipping, taxes and import/export duties. The
      > RIPE NCC has been asked to introduce a service fee (of approximately 3000
      > Euro/Year) for the operation of the boxes.  However, for tax-reasons, it
      > is currently not possible to do this.  Therefore:
      >   * There will be NO service fee for the remainder of 2000 and
      >     the first months of 2001.
      > For those of you familiar with the project, it is worth noticing that the
      > hardware of the boxes has been improved. The most important change is in
      > the design of the antenna.  In the new machines, the HF-unit has been
      > moved to the antenna, thus eliminating the need for expensive coax cable
      > between the antenna and the test-box itself.  Instead, regular CAT-5 cable
      > can be used and cable lengths of (at least) 200 to 300 meters are
      > possible.
      > Also, the boxes have more CPU and memory available and this feature will
      > be exploited in the future do other measurements and analyze the data on
      > the box, thus reducing the time between data-taking and availability of
      > the results. In short, this means:
      >   * Easier installation
      >   * More freedom in installing the antennas.
      > If you are interested in hosting a test-box, please start by reading the
      > following documents, all available from the test-traffic web-site at
      >   * RIPE-209, "Providing Test Traffic Measurements as a membership
      >     service". This document describes the model the RIPE-NCC will use for
      >     selling the test-boxes and the related service for operating them.
      >   * RIPE-214, "General Terms to the RIPE-NCC Test Traffic Measurements and
      >     Test-Box Purchase Agreement".  This document contains the contract
      >     used to sell the test-boxes.  It is the translation of RIPE-209
      >     into "legalise".
      >   * RIPE-168 (Version 2.1 or later).  This is the installation guide for
      >     the test-boxes.  The current document is somewhat outdated, in
      >     particular the section on the antenna installation.  An update will
      >     be published early November.
      > A document that is presently being written is a "2 page glossy summary" of
      > RIPE-209, describing the advantages of hosting a test-box for your
      > manager.
      > If you are interested in hosting one or more test-boxes, please fill out
      > the application sheet at
      > If anything is unclear or you have questions that are not answered in the
      > documents, do not hesitate to contact us.  The application procedure has
      > become a little more complex than before, but still shouldn't take much
      > more than a few minutes to complete.
      > Sites that have already expressed interest in hosting a box will be
      > contacted in a separate mail.
      > As announced before, we will give the existing test-box hosts a
      > possibility to upgrade your hardware.  This will announced, when we are
      > ready to do this, in a separate mail.
      > There is no deadline for applying.  Applications will be processed in the
      > order as they come in and processed as soon as our production schedule
      > permits.
      > If you have any questions about this project, please do not hesitate
      > to contact me.
      > Kind regards,
      > Henk Uijterwaal
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