[apops] IGP Survey

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  • Subject: [apops] IGP Survey
  • From: Danny McPherson <danny at tcb dot net>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 23:31:26 -0600
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      Could anyone that's ever "deployed" an IGP take just a second to
      answer the following questions?  Please reply in private, I'll send
      a summary to the list.
      Thanks in advance!
      Included below are several questions regarding IGP use.  If you don't
      have the time to complete the entire questionaire, answering the first 
      three questions would still be of great benefit.  Not answering
      specific question(s) is also fine (as you may have guessed).  The 
      information collected will be made generally available once complete.
      1.  Company Name (please provide so that multiple response for 
          a single network are appropriately accounted for):
      2.  Do you wish to keep the company name confidential?
      3.  What IGP did you select:
          1) OSPF
          2) IS-IS
          3) RIP
          4) RIPv2
          5) IGRP
          6) EIGRP
          7) Static
          8) Other (please list)
      3. Why did you select this IGP (list all that apply, in order 
         of precedence)?
          1) Scalability
          2) Stability
          3) Robustness
          4) Vendor Support
          5) Familiarity
          6) Existing Deployment Base
          7) Historical Reasons
          8) Feature Set (i.e. Traffic Engineering)
          9) Other (please list)
      4. If you run a LS protocol, do you run the network (complete AS, 
         or backbone) as a single area, or do you use multiple areas?  
      5. In case of OSPF, do you use stub, non-stub or NSSA?
      6. In case of IS-IS, one level or multiple levels?
      7. What do you believe is the primary advantage of this IGP?
      8. What do you believe is the primary disadvantage of this IGP?
      9. What notable features of the protocol do you use (i.e. OSPF NSSA)?
      10. If applicable, what routes do you carry in your IGP in relation 
          to BGP (i.e.  customer and internal, internal only, etc..)?
      11. How may prefixes do you carry in your IGP?
      12. Do you use (or plan to use) your IGP for MPLS traffic engineering?  
      12a. If not, any particular reason why?
      13. Do you use one IGP or multiple IGPs?  
      13a. As a result of:
          1) Having two historical networks, and "redistribute" between them?
          2) or maybe every BGP confederation sub-AS runs their own IGP?
          3) one IGP (linkstate ?) in the middle, and another (RIP?) at the edges?
          4) maybe overlap IGPs
          5) maybe one IGP per continent (US vs Europe vs Asia)
          6) Other (please list)
      14. Do you tweak the protocol's configuration (like changing default timers)?
      14a. What values do you feel need the most attention?
      15. If you could change/enhance anything with this IGP what would it be?
      16. How may routers were in the routing domain? 
      16. Do you have any additional comments you'd like to share?
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