[apops] Evaluating Per-Country ASN/IP Information Over Time

  • To: Bruce Campbell <bruce.campbell at apnic dot net>
  • Subject: [apops] Evaluating Per-Country ASN/IP Information Over Time
  • From: "Robert B. Cohen" <bcohen at bway dot net>
  • Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 10:36:25 -0500
  • Cc: Joe Abley <jabley at patho dot gen dot nz>, "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <map at iphil dot net>, apops at whois dot apnic dot net
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    • Bruce,
      What would be quite valuable is the ability to measure changes in ASN/IP info over time,
      perhaps every quarter or so. The ASN info that is published weekly suggests that this
      should be possible. I think the bigger issue is how it might be related to bandwidth and
      traffic flows; i.e. is there a way to use the ASN/IP to get even a general fix on what is
      happening to demand in a country or the amount of bandwidth deployed. Perhaps this could
      be related to some of the major gateways within the country or international gateways in
      and out.
      Do you have any comments?
      Bob Cohen
      Bruce Campbell wrote:
      > On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Joe Abley wrote:
      > jabley> On Sat, Mar 04, 2000 at 08:25:46PM +0800, Miguel A.L. Paraz wrote:
      > jabley> > what is a good way to get per-country IP and ASN information?  I'm analyzing
      > jabley> > traffic patterns and I'd like to know the top AP countries we're exchanging
      > jabley> > traffic with since all our links are via the US at the moment.
      > jabley>
      > jabley> You could always pull down a copy of an appropriate apnic db and sort
      > jabley> the inetnum or aut-num object by country (country was a mandatory field
      > jabley> last time I looked).
      > Yes/no.  There are certain objects in the whois database which do not have
      > a full complement of the current mandatory fields (ie, some fields have
      > been made mandatory in recent times).
      > Occasionally I run a few scripts which run through our internal member
      > database (not the whois database) to pull out certain country-related
      > information, and the results are available at:
      >         ftp://ftp.apnic.net/pub/apnic/dbase/data/country-asn.lst
      >         ftp://ftp.apnic.net/pub/apnic/dbase/data/country-ipv4.lst
      > The script:
      >         http://www.apnic.net/apnic-bin/ipv4-by-country.pl
      > displays this data for a given ISO3166 country code.
      > The data available is only applicable to IP/ASNs from the APNIC ranges,
      > ie, if the IP range was allocated pre-APNIC, it is not in that list at the
      > present time.
      > Information on the various fields is given at the top of the file.  If
      > using Perl to parse it, use '/\s*:\s*/' as the split() pattern in case the
      > spurious spaces disappear at a future time.
      > The IP ranges have been CIDRised into country code, so the two ranges:
      > to (Clear-NZ) and
      > to (Netgate-NZ)
      > are shown as one block (203.96/15 actually) rather than multiple blocks.
      > Regards,
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