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    • Greetings!
      * Registration now open for APRICOT 2000 (Seoul February 28-March 2)
      * Packed Programme with over 140 distinguished instructors, speakers and
      fellows from 30+ Countries
      * Register now and save over 70% (US$ 250 for two days of tutorials and two
      days of conferences)
      * Space is limited -- please register as early as possible to avoid
      * See  http://www.apricot2000.ne.kr for the latest  details
      * Please circulate to those who need to know
      * Management Background Briefing Included Below (Cut and Paste)
      The Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
      Since 1996, APRICOT  has provided a unique and successful educational forum
      for Internet builders in the region to learn from their peers and other
      leaders in the Internet community from around the world.
      The key benefit in attending APRICOT is to synchronize local and regional
      activities with the rapid developments in the wider Internet in an objective
      manner that distinguishes between operational realities and marketing 'hype'
      APRICOT's success is largely due to the excellence of its no-nonsense
      programme that is focused on Internet operational issues (i.e. issues
      surrounding the smooth day-to-day operation of Internet-based networks and
      Distinguished speakers and instructors from around the world are kindly
      denoting their time and expertise to help develop the skills and
      understanding necessary to grow a robust Internet infrastructure in the Asia
      The intense week-long summit consists of seminars, workshops, clinics,
      tutorials, conference sessions and  birds-of-a-feather (BOFs) meetings that
      have the following two goals :-
      1) spreading and sharing the knowledge required for the operational
      stability and development of the Internet within the Asia Pacific region.
      2) developing affinity groups that foster mutual support throughout the
      APRICOT  targets those individuals that directly impact the operational
      deployment and stability of Internet protocol (IP)-based networks and
      services.  These are namely network operators and engineers, senior
      executives and regulators.
      One of the fundamental principles of APRICOT presentations has been its
      vendor neutral objectiveness that provides for informed opinion. As such,
      APRICOT is not a marketing or sales-orientated conference and it is known
      that it highly discourages blatant sales or promotional activities within
      the conference itself.
      In essence, APRICOT creates a neutral educational forum that provides for
      frank discussions on the skills, policies and technologies that are critical
      for the smooth operation of the Internet's network and service
      infrastructure both regionally and internationally.
      APRICOT has a one-year technology horizon. This means to say that APRICOT is
      involved with those technologies that are either at the heart of today's
      Internet or those that are very likely to see operational deployment within
      the next 12 months (e.g. DNSsec).
      As APRICOT is only organised once a year, special attention is given to the
      creation of affinity groups that foster mutual support throughout the year.
      During the year, these affinity groups play a key role as a source of
      knowledge and experience.
      This year, APRICOT is jointly organised by:-
      The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
      Korea Network Information Center
      The National Computerization Agency
      Korea Information Society Development Institute
      The Open Systems Infrastructure Association
      The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
      APRICOT is only made possible through the generous contribution of time,
      talent,  money and resources from our distinguished list of sponsors ... all
      whom are committed to the continued stable growth of the Internet in our
      region :-
      Cable & Wireless HKT
      Cisco Systems
      Hanaro Telecom
      Hanson M Com
      Korea Telecom
      Level 3
      Lucent Technologies
      Nortel Networks
      Onse Telecom
      Portal Software
      Unisphere Solutions
      We are expecting over 600 engineers and senior management to attend APRICOT
      this year. Therefore please make arrangements for you and your staff to
      register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.
      See you all in Seoul!
      Yours sincerely,
      Pindar Wong
      APRICOT2000 Executive Committee
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