[apops] Informal Y2K transition report from New Zealand

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  • Subject: [apops] Informal Y2K transition report from New Zealand
  • From: Joe Abley <jabley at patho dot gen dot nz>
  • Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 01:40:44 +1300
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    • There have been no structural or capacity issues reported with IP
      connectivity either within NZ, or between NZ and any other country.
      No obvious routing, IP or other backbone problems. There was a brief
      routing issue within Telecom NZ's (www.telecom.co.nz) network mentioned
      by one of Telecom's customers (IHUG, www.ihug.co.nz) but it was apparently
      not y2k related and was fixed swiftly in any case.
      Saturn (www.saturn.co.nz) reported no issues, although they saw a
      significant number of people turn off their computers and cablemodems
      over the century transition.
      Citylink (www.citylink.co.nz), another local loop provider in Wellington,
      reported similarly.
      It is very difficult to get a line in from overseas through CLEAR
      (www.clear.co.nz), Telecom NZ, Vodafone (www.vodafone.co.nz) or Voyager
      phone (www.voyager.co.nz, a VoIP carrier). This does not appear to be due
      to y2k-related failure, but appears to be happening for social reasons.
      CLEAR, Telecom NZ and Voyager have confirmed that their international
      voice networks are functioning normally, except for the overloading.
      I have had very similar reports from contacts in Vanuatu.
      I have had no reports of problems carrying voice calls within New
      Zealand, or of obtaining dial-tone.
      There have been no power failures reported.
      The Auckland Peering Exchange (APE) and the Wellington Internet
      Exchange are functioning normally.
      The FTP server at Scott Base, Antarctica (ftp.scott.aq) is reachable
      and appears to be functioning normally.
      For the record, most international internet and voice capacity into
      New Zealand is carried on the following:
       + TAS2 under-sea cable (Auckland - Sydney)
       + Pac Rim East under-sea cable (Auckland - Hawaii)
       + IntelSat (communications satellite operator)
       + PanAmSat (communications satellite operator)
      We will not have a conclusive "no problem" report for another 24
      hours (for example, it is possible equipment failures in California
      will cut us off from the rest of the world).
      According to TV One news traffic was gridlocked in central Auckland
      shortly after the calendar ticked over, and police are clearing away
      celebrators from the Viaduct Basin, where a free concert was going
      on. Viaduct Basin is the location of the Americas Cup village.
      There have also been arrests in Aotea Square, also in downtown
      Auckland, but not an unusual amount considering the concentration
      of people gathered there. No news-worthy rioting or civil disturbance.
      Due to the large concentration of people in down-town Auckland, I
      have heard reports of pager and GSM SMS messages taking as long as
      an hour to get through, and it is also difficult to obtain a channel
      off any of the central Auckland cell sites to use cellphones.
      All in all, no y2k date-related problems reported.
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