[apops] Update: High Speed Survey of International BW in Asia and Pacifi

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  • Subject: [apops] Update: High Speed Survey of International BW in Asia and Pacific + Peering Contacts
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  • Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 13:14:39 +0800
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      	Asia and Pacific Survey of Bandwidth, Peering,
      	          and Regional Connections
      Hello Everyone,
      Here’s the latest update on big bandwidth links. I’m now
      adding the following information:
      + AS numbers
      + trace sites to validate the path
      + contact person in case your interested in peering
      Please look through the information and forward updates,
      corrections, and new information. If you know of any network
      maps from any of the ISPs below, please forward the URL.
      The next step is to collect information for those ISPs with
      links +10Mbps or higher and the bi-lateral links within the
      region. So if you know of ISPs with:
           + more than +10 Mbps of bandwidth to the US
           + bi-lateral links between each other
      Please send the information (to me or the list). As before,
      all updates would be posted to APOPs.
      For those who are wondering, some background as to why I’m
      doing this, please read below.
      Asian ISPs with Cross Pacific Bandwidth above 45 Mbps
      ISP                 AS Num    BW
      Trace Site               Peering Contact
      Dacom (KR)               3786      1 x 45 Mbps
           www.bora.net   John Milburn <jem at bora dot net>
      Korea Telecom (KR)  3559      1 x 45 Mbps
      Inet (KR)           3976      1 x 45 Mbps
      IIJ (JP)            2479      2 x 45 Mbps
                                    1 x 155 Mbps
      KDD (JP)            2561      3 x 45 Mbps
           www.kdd.co.jp       Yoshihiro Obata <yo-
           (upgrading to 155 Mbps)
      ITJ (JP)            4722      1 x 45 Mbps
      Telkom Malaysia (MY)     4788      3 x 45 Mbps
           (two terrestrial, one satellite)
      Jaring (MY)              2042      1 x 45 Mbps
      HiNet (TW)               3462      1 x 45 Mbps
      ChinaNet (CN)       4134      1 x 45 Mbps
           ns.bta.net.cn  Zhou Wan Shu <zhouw at ns.bta dot net dot cn>
      HKT NetPlus    (HK)      4637      1 x 45 Mbps
      SingTel IX (SG)          7473      1 x 45 Mbps
      SG Tri-Lat     (4657, 4628, 3758)  1 x 45 Mbps
           (Cyberway, Pacific Internet, & SingNet share one 45
      Telstra (AU)        4614      3 x 45 Mbps
           (one simplex satellite)
      Tokyo Internet (JP) 2521      1 x 45 Mbps
      Infoweb (Fujitsu)   (JP) 2510      1 x 45 Mbps
      mesh (NEC) (JP)          2518      1 x 45 Mbps
      IDC (JP)            4694      2 x 45 Mbps
      NTT-WT (JP)              7515      1 x 45 Mbps
      LinkAGE Ltd. (HK)        4058      1 x 45 Mbps
           (Now part of PSINet - multiservice)
      Optus (AU)               7474      1 x 45 Mbps
           (simplex satellite)
      Global One (JP)          ?         1 x 45 Mbps
      Seednet (TW)        4780      1 x 45 Mbps
      AT&T Worldnet (JP)  2915      1 x 45 Mbps
      Ozemail (AU)        4740      1 x 45 Mbps
           (simplex satellite)
      DTI (JP)            4691      1 x 45 Mbps
           (looks like Mitsubishi's from the trace)
      Copyright 1998 Barry Raveendran Greene.
      APOPs is a APNIC special interest group similar to NANOG in
      the US. At the APRICOT III meeting, the participants
      expressed the need for a list of peering contacts in the
      region. Counter to popular belief, there are several
      “Internet Backbones” in Asia and Pacific. One of them, AP
      Mesh, was created through bi-lateral peering across the
      ocean. It’s popular and many ISPs participating would like
      to expand their peering with other ISPs. To do this, they
      need information on the potential ISP candidates in the
      region, the technical contacts, and routing information.
      Hence, the reasons for gathering this information.
      Why Barry?
      Barry’s being doing this for a while and is not an
      “operator” anymore. All the operators on the list are my
      customer and colleagues. So I can work with each operator to
      insure NDA information remains NDA while getting the
      relevant information into the list.
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