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    • Barry,
      Thanks for posting that new chart. Here's a couple of recent updates on
      trans-Pacific bandwidth for the chart, although only one is DS3 speed:
      Pacific Internet Announces New Backbone Links, Access Plans 07/15/98
      SINGAPORE, 1998 JUL 15 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams, Newsbytes. One 
      of Singapore's three Internet service provider, Pacific Internet, 
      has announced an upgrade to its Internet backbone with additional 
      new international connections and revisions to its dial-up access 
      service plan.
      The new connections in Asia are both E1 leased lines, which have a 
      capacity of 2 megabits per second, between Singapore and the company's 
      subsidiaries in the respective nations, SuperNet and Pacific Internet 
      To the United States, the ISP has added a new T3 connection, at 45 
      megabits per second, to take its trans-Pacific link from the current 
      20 megabit per second to 64 megabits per second. The new line will 
      be satellite-based.
      In addition to the new links, the ISP also has a 4 megabit per second 
      connection to the ABone regional backbone, which is hubbed from Tokyo 
      and connects several nations in the region.
      He added the company is also looking at adding additional regional 
      links and a connection to Europe. "The objective is for us to provide 
      the best network to meet the needs of our subscribers and where 
      expedient, we will also work with the other ISPs in Singapore to obtain 
      access to specific destinations on their networks and to provide them 
      access to ours", added Mr Lee.
      Teleglobe To Provide Backbone Link To China's CERNET 07/23/98
      BEIJING, CHINA, 1998 JUL 24 (NB) -- By Martyn Williams, Newsbytes. 
      Canada's Teleglobe [NYSE:TGO] [TSE:TGO] has inked an agreement with 
      Beijing's Tsinghua University to provide international Internet 
      connectivity to the national China Education & Research Network 
      (CERNET), operated by the university.
      The backbone link will be carried via an Intelsat satellite, with 
      China Telecom providing the satellite gateway in China. The link will 
      support prioritization of traffic, enabling important traffic to 
      continue flowing even at time of heavy congestion. The capacity of 
      the link was not disclosed.
      Thailand To Boost International Internet Links 07/14/98
      BANGKOK, THAILAND, 1998 JUL 14 (NB) -- By Jirapan Boonnoon, The Nation. 
      The Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT) plans to increase the 
      capacity of the international leased lines used for Internet access in 
      Thailand from the existing 6 megabits per second to 14 megabits per 
      second by the end of this year. 
      The plan was recently approved by the CAT governor and is expected to 
      cost around 800,000 baht ($19,250) for new equipment, excluding the 
      monthly fee for the line. 
      A source from CAT said the authority will increase its international 
      leased line capacity by 8 megabits per second (Mbps) to serve general 
      users of the Internet in Thailand as well to accommodate services for 
      the upcoming 13th Asian Games to be hosted by Thailand at the end of 
      this year. 
      This plan is expected to improve Internet services in the country, 
      giving local Internet users more bandwidth for Internet access. 
      CAT now has international communication lines at 6 Mbps providing 
      international links to local Internet service providers. These lines 
      have been divided into three lines of 2 Mbps each and they have 
      around 70 percent of Internet traffic. 
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