[apops] Update: Quick High Speed Survey of International BW

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  • Subject: [apops] Update: Quick High Speed Survey of International BW
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 12:25:00 +0800
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      Hello Everyone,
      Here's an update on the quick survey on big bandwidth. After this message, I
      will only send this to the APOPS mailing list (to subscribe - send to usual
      to apops-request at apnic dot net). We'll also find a Web space to post it in Web
      Thanks to everyone who's been providing information.
      Since people are finding this information useful, I will continue collect
      and update the information in the list. Right now, I'm just working the 45
      Mbps connections to the US. These can be clear DS-3s, inverse multiplex E1s
      adding to 45 Mbps, satellite circuits (symmetrical or asymmetrical), or
      shared multiservice DS-3s. The objective is to get a rough snap shot, so
      please to not expect miracles from this data (i.e. over 1.6 Gbps of growth
      in one year!)
      I've got requests to dive into:
      	+ AS number to these circuits
      	+ E1s to the US
      	+ circuits between countries in the region
      	+ contact information (i.e. who to talk to if you want to peer)
      	+ Web based maps
      	+ Collaboration with other efforts (i.e. CAIDA and APDIP)
      I'm open to all of this. With time and the willingness from colleagues to
      collaborate, we can build up to this information. But it will take some
      For now here's the updated list .... if you've got more information, please
      send. If I missed something, let me know. If you think someone is bragging
      about more BW than they really have, let me know why you think so. I'll work
      to get confirmation.
      ISP				AS Num	BW
      ---				------	--
      Dacom (KR)			174		1 x 45 Mbps
      Korea Telecom (KR)	3559		1 x 45 Mbps
      Inet (KR)			3976		1 x 45 Mbps
      IIJ (JP)			2479		2 x 45 Mbps
      						1 x 155 Mbps
      KDD (JP)			2497		3 x 45 Mbps
      ITJ (JP)			4722		1 x 45 Mbps
      Telkom Malaysia (MY)	4788		3 x 45 Mbps (two terrestrial, one satellite)
      Jaring (MY)			2042		1 x 45 Mbps
      HiNet (TW)			3462		1 x 45 Mbps
      ChinaNet (CN)		4134		1 x 45 Mbps
      HKT NetPlus	(HK)		4637		1 x 45 Mbps
      SingTel IX (SG)		7473		1 x 45 Mbps
      SG Tri-Lat	(4657, 4628, 3758)	1 x 45 Mbps (Cyberway, Pacific Internet,
      								 & SingNet share one 45 Mbps)
      Telstra (AU)		4614		3 x 45 Mbps (one simplex satellite)
      Tokyo Internet (JP)	2521		1 x 45 Mbps
      Infoweb (Fujitsu)	(JP)	2510		1 x 45 Mbps
      mesh (NEC) (JP)		?		1 x 45 Mbps
      IDC (JP)			4694		2 x 45 Mbps
      NTT-WT (JP)			?		1 x 45 Mbps
      LinkAGE Ltd. (HK)		4058		1 x 45 Mbps (multiservice)
      Optus (AU)			7474		1 x 45 Mbps (simplex satellite)
      Global One (JP)		?		1 x 45 Mbps
      Seednet (HK)		4780		1 x 45 Mbps (not confirmed)
      AT&T Worldnet (JP)	2915		1 x 45 Mbps
      Ozemail (AU)		4740		1 x 45 Mbps (simplex satellite)
      DTI (JP)			4691		1 x 45 Mbps (looks like Mitsubishi's from the trace)
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