[apops] Update: Quick High Speed Survey of International BW

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  • Subject: [apops] Update: Quick High Speed Survey of International BW
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  • Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 23:01:57 +0800
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    • [Again - apologies for the duplicates ....]
      Hello again. Figured I send an update out tonight with the information that
      flowed in today. I got some messages from people who thought I was nuts
      about the amount of bandwidth heading towards the US. This is reality. Some
      of the ISPs listed may not have their whole 45 Mbps opened to their Internet
      flow (i.e. they use Frame Relay and pump other services with the Internet
      traffic), but all these circuits are real.
      Here's the updated list .... if you've got more information, please send.
      	Daecom			1 x 45 Mbps
      	Korea Telecom		1 x 45 Mbps
      	Inet				1 x 45 Mbps
      	IIJ				2 x 45 Mbps, 	1 155 Mbps
      	KDD				3 x 45 Mbps
      	ITJ				1 x 45 Mbps
      	TelKom Malaysia		1 x 45 Mbps
      	Jaring			1 x 45 Mbps
      	HiNet				1 x 45 Mbps
      	ChinaNet			1 x 45 Mbps
      	HKT NetPlus			1 x 45 Mbps
      	SingTel IX			2 x 45 Mbps
      	Telstra			3 x 45 Mbps (one unidirectional)
      	Tokyo Internet		1 x 45 Mbps
      	Infoweb (Fujitsu)		1 x 45 Mbps
      	mesh (NEC)			1 x 45 Mbps
      	IDC				2 x 45 Mbps
      	NTT-WT			1 x 45 Mbps
      	LinkAGE Ltd. 		1 x 45 Mbps
      	Optius			1 x 45 Mbps (simplex satellite)
      	Global One (AU)		1 x 45 Mbps
      	Seednet 			1 x 45 Mbps (not confirmed)
      	AT&T Worldnet Japan	1 x 45 Mbps
      	Ozemail			1 x 45 Mbps
      I also heard that IDC, Arcstar(NTT-WT), and some more in Japan have a T3
      circuits. Any confirmations?
      Thus far, we're got over 1.5 Gbps of AP <--> circuits over 45 Mbps!
      BTW - I'm pulling this information together be used for some APIA briefing
      papers. The issue of International Internet Infrastructure Financing (I3F)
      will be discussed at the APEC Ministerial meeting next week. APIA's
      objective it to open dialog at all levels - all the way to the ministerial
      level. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
      Also, if you think this sort of data useful, please let me know. At the last
      APOPS meeting we discussed whether the role of APOPS should be to collect
      this sort of data for the benefit of the region's operators. If you think
      this is a good idea, we might find a way to keep this data up to date.
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