Re: IMPORTANT: Confirmation of Your Talk on 19th Feb

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  • From: Paul Ferguson <ferguson at cisco dot com>
  • Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 21:49:47 -0500
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    • I have probably copied more people on this message than necessary,
      but wanted to ensure that I didn't miss anyone.
      So, without further ado, let me start by extending my most sincere
      apologies to each of you for not being able to present as planned
      last Thursday at the APNG technical track. I had completely lost
      my voice and still have not quite yet recovered it. Nature has a
      way of not exactly adhering to mortal schedules.
      Again, please accept my apologies for leaving these two sessions
      without a presenter. Dr. Tan should have a copy of my slides for
      each session, since I submitted them for inclusion in the handouts
      for the attendees.
      At 10:39 AM 1/22/98 +0800, Tan Tin Wee wrote:
      > for latest.
      >Dear Colleagues,
      >Thank you kindly for agreeing to give the following talks.
      >Can I confirm the following schedule with you?
      >Thursday 19th Feb
      >9am-1pm & 2pm-5pm  (approx) (kindly arranged by Joanne Davis
      > most efficiently - thanks Joanne)
      >Meeting room for 200 people (theatre style)
      >Located at Shangri-la, again breakfast, morning and 
      >afternoon tea will be served. 
      >I am trying to arrange the timings. 
      >Will 40-60 mins each be sufficient?
      >Powerpoint presentation will be available.
      >If you need special equipment, please let me know.
      >Professor Chon and Prof Goto, would you like to take 
      >opportunity to publicise APAN more. I can squeeze in
      >more slots for APAN, how about getting other countries
      >like Taiwan's TANET and Malaysia to get involved more?
      >Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted.
      >--THE PROGRAMME 19th Feb 1998 ShangriLa Manila---------
      >1. Global Advanced Internet Initiatives -  
      >What are  vBNS and STARTAP, Internet 2 and 
      >UCAID, TEN-34/Quantum/DANTE?  
      >Keynote Speaker: Paul Ferguson, CISCO 
      >Abstract: This talk will give an introductory 
      >overview of all the exciting developments in    
      >new and emerging internet initiatives worldwide. 
      >2. The APAN and TRANSPAC initiative 
      >Professor Kilnam Chon (tentative) 
      >Chairman, APAN Consortium 
      >Professor Shigeki Goto (tentative) 
      >Deputy Director, APAN Secretariat 
      >Abstract: This talk focusses on the major effort
      >made by Asia and our US collaborators to
      >participate actively in the global advanced Internet
      >3. Corporate and Private Sector Collaborative
      >Research. How is Industry participation
      >Speaker: Paul Ferguson, CISCO 
      >Abstract: This talk continues from the keynote
      >broad overview to zero in on how industry is
      >playing key roles to support and collaborate with
      >Academic and Research institutions. 
      >4. Overview of Advanced Internet Applications 
      >Speaker: Dr Tham Chen Khong and Mr Lai Zit Seng 
      >Abstract: This talk will focus on a broad overview
      >of  the kind of advanced Internet applications and
      >ongoing research that are taking place on the
      >Internet's next generation 
      >5. Overview of Advanced Internet Technologies: 
      >focus on scaling up the the Internet backbones 
      >Speaker: Barry Raveendran Greene, CISCO 
      >Abstract: This talk deals with how Internet
      >backbones are scaling up to cope with the needs
      >of industry, and how advanced internet
      >technologies being developed by academia and
      >industry will support the dissemination of next
      >generation applications 
      >6. SINGAREN: Case Study of Singapore 
      >Speaker: Professor A.L. Ananda and Mr Lai Zit Seng 
      >Chairman, SINGAREN 
      >Abstract: As a key example of how an Asia
      >country can be involved, Professor Ananda will
      >chronicle the history and progress of SINGAREN,
      >the advanced research and educational network of
      >7. Final Session: Question and Answer Panel
      >discussion by Speakers moderated by APNG Chairman
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