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  • Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 12:18:16 +0800 (HKT)
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    • On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Paul Ferguson wrote:
      > Out of curiosity, is power in The Philippines 100v or 220v? If 110v,
      > is the outlet plug type the same as in the United States? Trying to
      > determine if I need to bring any type of power adapter with me
      > to APRICOT'98.
      The standard power voltage in the Philippines is 220v. As for the outlet plug
      it is the two parallel flat prong type. But universal converters are available
      for speaker's use.
      Would you be requiring anything else? This goes for the other delegates as 
      well. Please send us whatever requirement you might have. We, the local 
      organizers, would try to the best of our abilities to accomodate them.
      Thank you.
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