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    • Hello Miguel,
      Yes, its time for a draft agenda. Here's the first cut. Please jump in with 
      other discussion items. We do not have time to do everything, so please send 
      a note with the top three items you are most interested discussing.
      1. Routing of unassigned prefixes. Some ISPs have been found to advertise 
      prefixes that have not been allocates to them or anyone else.
      2. State of Aggregation. Review all the AS numbers allocated by APNIC and 
      give a report on the aggregation advertised to the Internet.
      3. Ingress/Egress Filtering - Protecting yourself and the Internet.
      4. Internet eXchange Point (IXP) Update. Brief status of the various IXPs in 
      the region. Future Development.
      5. Regional By-lateral peering. Peering options for ISP to interconnect with 
      each other.
      6. Bandwidth sharing. How competitor ISPs can band together to share a bigger 
      pipe across the Pacific cheaper than if each got the equivalent on their own. 
      7. Asian Cache Peering. Ways ISPs can form Cache Peering in Asia to save 
      8. Saving Bandwidth. With the currency crisis, trans-oceanic bandwidth cost 
      have increased. How can ISPs save on bandwidth?
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      > Hi,
      > Who'll be at the APOPS BOF at APRICOT?  Let's talk now about topics for
      > discussion.
      > Cheers,
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